You can now pre-order your home party essentials at 7-Eleven for a stress-free holiday season!

Don’t stress! 7-Eleven has all the ingredients you need for a fun, exciting home celebration all in one place. Take the hassle out of your party planning – with our festive pre-order programme, there’s no need to shop around as all the essentials can be conveniently pre-ordered at 7-Eleven around the clock.

Start the party with some tasty cold cuts then move on to a selection of delicious desserts. As the party progresses, spend quality time with friends and family with a thrilling card game then top the night off with a festive glass of fine French champagne.

Simply request an order form from a 7-Eleven team member, fill it out and relax. We’ll contact you when your items are ready to pick up. It’s as easy as that!

Cold Cuts

The cold cuts on both platters come pre-sliced and include a charcuterie board, saving you time and effort which allows you to spend more time out of the kitchen and with your guests. If you like beef, you’ll love the Christmas Salami Platter ($19.90). It includes Beef Bresaola (100g), a lean dried salted beef, and Beef Salami (50g).

You can also try the Christmas Ham Platter ($16.90) which includes Smoked Chicken Breast Ham (150g) and Beef Salami (50g). Made using premium cuts of meat from Australia and New Zealand, this platter will be a delicious combo to delight your guests!


Now you can get your hands on a hassle-free version at 7-Eleven with the Goomedo Burnt Cheesecake ($9.90). Simply pop into the microwave for three minutes and there you have it – a deliciously sinful dessert with its characteristic caramelised topping and creamy, gooey interior. What’s more, it’s also halal certified.

If you or any of your family are fans of BTS and proud members of the ARMY, then Häagen-Dazs TinyTAN Ice Cream Bites Special Edition ($98) are the sweet treats for you! Häagen-Dazs is collaborating with TinyTAN, a gang of seven animated characters representing every member of Bangtan to launch this limited-edition pack!

Each of the seven cute characters have their own distinct styles and personas, just like the BTS boys. And with seven members come seven of Häagen-Dazs’ most beloved ice cream flavours. Flavours included are cookies & cream, strawberry, vanilla, coffee, macadamia nut, chocolate, and caramel biscuit & cream.

For added convenience, this ice cream will be delivered directly to your address.


Champagne Jacquart Brut Mosaique ($55.90)

Jacquart is the most popular Champagne brand served in the restaurants of the Champagne region itself so you can be sure of a great tasting tipple. With a lovely and fresh bouquet, this champagne has fruity grape and pear hints and a long-lasting finish. A glass of this will go wonderfully with chicken, turkey and seafood.

Champagne Cattier Brut Icône ($59.90)

This fresh tasting champagne is made from a blend of Pinot and Chardonnay grapes. It has fruity aromas of apricots, peach and ripe pear and a deliciously long-lasting finish. An ideal aperitif, it goes perfectly with poultry and savoury starters.

Fun Games

Choose from a wide variety of 21 games, including some unique Singapore themed titles. The newest card game – THE SINGAPOREAN DREAM ($20) is a fun and interactive card game where you can pay, steal or sabo your way to become the perfect Singaporean. In this new version, you can join up with other players to see which team can achieve their dreams first!

Also, try your hand at Kopi King ($20) – a fast and fun family game in which players must juggle and complete orders of our favourite coffee shop drinks. Or play Chope! ($20), a captivating blend of dexterity and luck as you try to seize your food and claim your table!

If you have younger family members, the DIY Slime Kit ($29.90) will definitely keep kids of all ages occupied. They can mix and personalise their own slime concoctions with a variety of colours, glitter and confetti.

Pre-order programme details

For more detailed information on the pre-order periods, collection/delivery dates and store availability, please refer to the below table as they vary for each item.

Pre-ordering is not only stress-free, but it’s also super convenient. So, head down to 7-Eleven and order your goodies now!

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