HUAWEI × GENTLE MONSTER Eyewear II – stylish and smart with a semi-open speaker on each side of the lens temple

Huawei officially announces the launch of the next generation of smart glasses in the HUAWEI × GENTLE MONSTER Eyewear II.

The HUAWEI X GENTLE MONSTER Eyewear II offers a more comfortable wearing experience. The slim temples are made of plastic titanium for lower density and lighter weight. The hinge between the temples and the frame rim is also made of titanium elastic, with increased holding strength to reduce the gripping feeling brought about on the temples. Furthermore, the curved earpiece angle has been increased from the first generation, from 12° to 20°, to achieve a better fit.

Compared to the first generation, Eyewear II features a larger, slimmer, large-amplitude loudspeaker that offers a wider soundstage range for a more immersive sound experience, perfect for listening to music, playing games or watching TV.

Huawei Eyewear II also features a unique acoustic privacy design, with one semi-open speaker on each side of the lens temple, which transmits sound directly to the wearer’s ear through the directional sound chamber, effectively reducing sound leakage and providing a clearer and more layered stereo experience.

Meanwhile, both temples include a leakage hole design that can offset the directional sound waves generated by sound cavities, further reducing sound leakage. Together with adaptive volume technology, Eyewear II can automatically lower the volume based on the ambient sound environment, which ensures the user can hear clearly while minimising the impact on the people around them.

Smart audio, smart interaction

Huawei Eyewear II supports updated smart gesture control. For pairing, users only need to gently pinch on the left temple. In addition, the voice assistant can be easily activated by a double tap on the left temple.

Eyewear II also supports swiping gestures. To play the next/previous song or adjust the volume, users only need to make a few swipes on the temples without taking out their phone. Equipped with multiple advanced sensors, Eyewear II can intelligently detect wear status. For instance, during music playback, Eyewear II will pause when the sensors detect that the user has taken off the glasses, and will resume if the user puts them on again within three minutes.

After the user puts aside their Eyewear II for a while and put them on again, a window will pop up on the smartphone screen, so the user can check Eyewear II’s battery level with a glance. By tapping on the pop-up window, the user can quickly go to the device’s settings for more details. Eyewear II plays a greeting when the user puts them on for the first time each day.

Aside from outstanding audio experience, Eyewear II comes with powerful battery to allow users to keep wearing them for hours on end. Eyewear II can play music for 5 hours continuously on a single charge. Moreover, Eyewear II features new NFC contactless and wireless fast charging technology, allowing the glasses to be ready to use anytime, anywhere.

HUAWEI X GENTLE MONSTER Eyewear II is now available at S$638 in selected Huawei Concept Stores at [email protected] and Westgate, consumer electronic stores including Best Denki, Challenger &, COURTS, Harvey Norman and official online stores with Lazada and Shopee.

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