Missed the news on TV? Catch up with Hello Singapore 狮城有约 on 8world.com - Alvinology

Missed the news on TV? Catch up with Hello Singapore 狮城有约 on 8world.com

When I was a kid, tuning in to the Chinese news programme on Mediacorp Channel 8 8频道 at 6.30 pm was a daily ritual. If dinner was ready, we would be eating in the living room, plates on laps, as we watched familiar-faced news anchors deliver the day’s bulletin fluently. These days, (by “these days” I mean since Oct 2014), the half-hour 6.30 pm news bulletin has become a solid 1-hour news and current affairs programme called Hello Singapore 狮城有约.

Hosted by seven emcees, with the main two anchors being Guo Liang 郭亮 and Youyi 林有懿, one half of Hello Singapore 狮城有约 is the news bulletin while the second half comprises a panel discussion with experts on trending topics.

How to watch Hello Singapore 狮城有约 on the Internet

However, since I watch everything on my mobile phone now and hardly turn on the TV, it’s hard to keep track of showtimes. Thankfully, there are vodcasts on 8world.com 8视界 and livestream video on meWATCH to help me catch up!  

If I want to watch full episodes of Hello Singapore 狮城有约, I will go to meWATCH. If I just want to watch snippets, I will go to 8world.com 8视界. Just look for “Hello Singapore 狮城有约” under the “Vodcasts” category on the site. 

Thanks to 8world.com 8视界, I can catch up on this segment on the otter families of Singapore

Missed the news on TV? Catch up with Hello Singapore 狮城有约 on 8world.com - Alvinology
How much do you know about our Singaporean smooth-coated otters? Find out more about them in a segment here.

8world.com 8视界 even has a section of web exclusives which appeal to an Elder Millennial like me. Here’s a glance at some of them:

狮城有约 | 为野生动物体检 兽医需作何准备?– A peek at how veterinary surgeons inspect wild animals
狮城有约 | 收纳冰箱 应遵从什么原则?– Refrigerator organisation 101
狮城有约 | 如何利用无人机 拍摄城市美景?– How to take scenic s/hots using a drone

These five gems on their site also caught our eye.

You can also download the 8world 8视界 or meWATCH app on your mobile device if you can’t be home at 6.30pm.

Watch Hello Singapore 狮城有约 from 21 to 25 Sep every day to win $100 vouchers

From 21 to 25 September 2020, make sure to tune in to Hello Singapore 狮城有约 daily at 6:30 pm to take part in the Watch and Win contest. Then, at 7 pm, visit www.8world.com/hs2020 and answer a few easy questions. Every day during the contest period, 10 winners will walk away with a $100 cash voucher each. 

Good luck!

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