[#SUPPORTLOCAL] Get your Own Home-Theatre with This S$299 LUMOS Smart Projector

With limited cinema theatrical releases during the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us are staying home to enjoy our movies and television series via video-streaming services like Netflix.

Asher and I have been hosting our own father-son anime night every Saturday, watching our favourite anime series like Naruto, Dragon Ball, One Punch Man, Hunter x Hunter or Yuyu Hakusho on Netflix. We have been watching them on a LCD monitor plugged to my laptop, but recently, we have upgraded to a LUMOS AURO smart projector to up the game.

For just S$299 for their flagship AURO, LUMOS, offers a home-theatre 1080p native resolution smart projector, 150” Display with 6000 lumens, compared to the S$600 to S$1000 which other big brands are charging for products with similar specifications.

The LUMOS AURO was first launched in January this year and has received rave reviews for its excellent value-for-money proposition. The AURO offers crystal-clear 1080p resolution (Blu-Ray/FHD) that is said to be 225% times of normal 720p standard projectors, bringing you the best home cinematic experience.

Here’s the unboxing for the LUMOS AURO:

For an additional S$80, you can also purchase the LUMOS RIZE Projector Height Adjustable Stand to place the projector on:

  • Place your projector at any desired height to fit your wall
  • Adjustable: extends from 60cm to 120cm
  • Strong: supports a load of up to 50kg
  • Rotatable: turn the platform plate 360 degree to fit any position
  • Bundle Deal: get it at a special price of S$55 (S$25 OFF) when you bundle it with any LUMOS projector

These are all the items you need to set up your own home-theatre. The LUMOS AURO comes with a remote controller and built-in software. It is super easy to setup and use. I was able to get the projector working and enjoy a movie with my son in less than 30 minutes upon unboxing!

For those who would like to play your media via another electronic device, you can connect the LUMOS AURO to your laptop, DVD player, computer or other electronic devices with a HDMI cable or AV cables like how you connect a normal television screen or LCD monitor.

Projecting via a laptop and a HDMI connection

However, the LUMOS AURO is not just a simple project, it is a smart projector that comes with an Android OS interface and Wi-Fi. Every AURO comes with inbuilt apps like Netflix and Youtube so you could watch your videos, shows and movies to the fullest, wirelessly and without having to connect to anything else, with audio output as well.

I was able to easily connect it to my home Wi-Fi using the controller, sign into my Netflix account and start watching my shows.

Streaming an anime using the LUMOS AURO Netflix app
Projecting an anime, wirelessly, using the LUMOS AURO Netflix app

For those who prefer to mirror your mobile screens, you can cast your iOS or Android smartphone devices via the AirScreen or MiraCast app to project what is on your mobile screen directly to your wall. Nifty.

Asher and I also tried connected our Playstation 4 to the LUMOS AURO with the HDMI cable and it works seamlessly.

With it’s small size and smart capabilities, the LUMOS AURO is an awesome portable gadget to invest in to share with family and friends. Next time you are headed out for a small gathering, bring the LUMOS AURO along to project movies onsite and be everyone’s favourite invitee when we are now all restricted to gatherings of no more than five persons!

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