The September school holidays is drawing to a close. What are your weekend plans before school reopens? We had a very fun time at the Science Center and Snow City last weekend. Here’s how our day went, for your reference as you make your own plans for the kiddos!

(Ps: for video footage of what you can look forward to, see our Instagram stories here)

As part of Covid safe-distancing measures, when you book your tickets to the Science Centre, you would have to choose your timeslot- either 10am-1pm or 2pm-5pm. Our top tip is to not be late for your slot as there are simply too many things to check out at the Science Centre and you would want to do so at a leisurely pace! (Ps: We missed checking out a new exhibition on the Coronavirus as we went late and didn’t have enough time).


The kids had fun with the various Optical illusions installations. The installations presented many fun photo opportunities too. The kids also learned about the science behind the optical tricks (nope, kidding, they just had fun running about).

The kiddos were slightly disappointed that the popular eggs incubator where they can observe chicks hatching was closed, but quickly forgot about it because they could check out other animals like gerbils and also insects like crickets and stick insects.

Learning about stick insects from the friendly guide. Do you know how to tell male and female stick insects apart?


About Living Worlds: An Animal Planet Experience  This is a first-of-its-kind exhibition from the Animal Planet brand and is the perfect blend of smart meets fun offering a rare peek into the animal world in a fun and engaging way through bespoke interactive multimedia and never-before-seen footage that unravel the wonders of wildlife and beauty of nature. The 1,000 sqm exhibition spans across three immersive zones – Into the Wild, Living Worlds and Reel x Real. 

This exhibition was really very educational and pertinent to what we are facing today- humans exploiting and destroying nature with no regards to tomorrow .

Personal commitments to be more environmentally-friendly strung up on fireflies.


The Omni-Theatre is Southeast Asia’s first 8K 3D digital dome theatre. Coupled with Southeast Asia’s largest seamless dome screen (23m in diameter), it is an immersive edutainment destination like no other.

The “We Are Stars” Show tackles of the biggest questions of all-time like, “What are we made of? Where did it all come from?” are explored in this well-presented documentary.  The secrets of our cosmic chemistry and our explosive origins all connect life on Earth to the evolution of the Universe.

“My brain is fried” – Overhead from a kid at the end of the show. Indeed, the show was jam-packed with science at a breadth and depth that is really breath-taking for an animation- it traces how everything came to be, from the big bang, to atoms to molecules to cells, to prehistoric fish to us. A really good show to spark discussions on the big questions with the kids- “How does God fit into the picture?” being one.


Just adjacent to the Science Centre, the kids were most excited to rush to this one. Please remember to wear long pants and bring a pair of socks to participate in the Snow City activities!

Donning their jackets
Posing in an igloo


Snow City’s 60 metre long, 3-storey high snow slope gave us all an adrenaline rush. Slide down alone if you are a brave warrior, or slide down as a whole family. Super fun. There’s no limit to the number of times you can slide down.

Simply exhilarating


The only sub-zero bumper car experience on ice in Singapore, Drift on Ice is a new addition to the snow and winter experience at Snow City. The 5-minute bumper car ride evoked cheery carnival atmosphere and reminded me of Christmas.

5-minute bumper car ride
Can’t believe Christmas is coming soon
Winter Holiday in Sunny Singapore

Check out also the Winter Shooting Arena, which is a new addition to Snow City and only for visitors aged 14 years old and above.


To ensure safe distancing and for better crowd regulation, everyone is required to purchase tickets online in advance and to select entry time and date before visiting the Science Centre Singapore and its group of attractions. Check out their official website for all the information you need.