Changi Airport Facebook account bashed over acquitted maid case - Alvinology

Changi Airport Facebook account bashed over acquitted maid case

After the Changi Airprort Director’s ex-maid Parti Liyani was acquitted in a theft case that the director filed, the airport’s official Facebook page has been receiving negative feedback.

Netizens have bashed the airport for employing director Liew Mun Long, who was proven to have used the theft case to stop Parti from filing claims at the Ministry of Manpower. Alvinology previously reported on how Parti threatened to complain about illegal deployment to the MOM but was beat to the punch when Liew slapped her with charges that she stole various items she had in boxes to be shipped back to her home upon termination.

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What did netizens say on the Changi Airport Facebook page?

According to a report by Asia One, netizens expressed their disdain for the airport director through the Changi Airport Facebook page. Posts that update followers on recent airline promotions have been inundated with negative comments referring to the director and his family.

While some posts have not mentioned the focus of their ire, other posts have explicitly named Liew as the reason for their comments.

What has Changi Airport said about the comments?

According to the same report, the comments on the airport’s FAcebook page are accessible to the public, and Changi Airport has issued a statement when the website contacted them for a comment.

“We note the feedback on this matter but have no comment at this moment,” a Changi Airport spokesperson said when contacted by AsiaOne.

Furthermore, Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam spoke on the issue, saying that a “witch hunt” was not ideal for this situation, and that Liew’s role and other factors would be considered when they look into the chain of events that lead to Liyani being charged with stealing and found guilty.

Changi Airport Facebook account bashed over acquitted maid case - Alvinology
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The comments were in relation to how the director brought shame upon the airport for his actions in the case.

What happened to Parti Liyani and Liew Mun Leong?

According to a previous report by Alvinology, 46-year-old Parti had worked as a maid for Liew and his family since 2006. She was, however, allegedly illegally deployed to the director’s son, Karl Liew and his family.

One day in 2015, Karl’s wife had told Parti that she was being let go, and had two hours to pack. While Parti had prepared to leave, she mentioned that she wanted to file a complaint to MOM on her unauthorized deployment, and told it to the neighbor’s domestic helper.

She assembled several boxes, which she and Karl had agreed to send onwards to her home. But according to the report, the Liew family had opened the boxes and found several items that did not belong to Liyani and were from their possessions. Some of these items included broken iPhones, other damaged items, and old clothes.

Karl Liew admitted to owning the women’s clothes that they accused Liyani of stealing.

But the judge decided that the stewardship of the boxes and the contents were not safeguarded enough to be used as evidence of stealing. The police had only investigated the items three weeks after the theft was reported, and the family was even advised to use the items in the meantime.

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