You know these teething toys that toddlers like to chew on? Why can’t there be localised designs than the usual animal or nature shapes?

Little Bearnie, a home-grown Singaporean brand is here to change that with their own Gem Biscuits and Bubble Tea designs teething toy:

Little Bearni seeks to bring fun, along with a local and unique twist to this essential item for toddlers. Gem Biscuits (the nostalgic and colourful snack recognisable to all Singaporeans) in teether form are the brand’s first original product, designed in-house by founder Valencia Chen.

Available in four colours, the teethers can be attached to an optional teething clip so that you don’t lose them in the midst of all the teething frustration:

Little Bearnie’s Gem Biscuit teether with a teething clip add-on

In addition, to accompany this local snack, Little Bearnie is also the exclusive distributor of this Bubble Tea teether, so your baby can have a sip of the drink while you enjoy yours too:

Are Little Bearnie’s teethers safe to use?

Little Bearnie’s teethers are made with 100% food grade silicone, and are BPA, PVC, vinyl, phthalate, cadmium, and lead free. They are also extremely malleable, soft yet shatterproof.

For cleanliness, at the end of the day, a quick wash with just soap and water will do the trick in ensuring that these teethers are immediately ready to be used once more. 

The company was first established in September 2016 and have serve many happy, satisfied customers since, with no issues on safety.

Are the teethers tasty?

I don’t have a baby at home at the moment, so I decided to chew the Gem Biscuit myself as a test. It doesn’t taste like biscuit of course. In fact, it was tasteless. I can see how babies will like to chew it based on the cutesy, colourful design and bouncy texture. Same goes for the Bubble Tea design.

The Gem Biscuit and Bubble Tea teethers are available for purchase online via Little Bearnie’s online store at S$18 a piece. Free delivery is available for orders above $50.