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Top 10 Tips To Sell Your Boat Fast

Selling boats for the right price can be difficult since the price of used boats drops really fast. This is why we are going to share some ideas on how you can sell your boat fast and for the right price.

First thing first even if you want to sell it, you may have to spend a little money on it to significantly increase the price. A little patch up on your side can get you some extra bucks. The next thing you have to do is analyze the market and finally set the price right.

Although it is not as easy as it sound,  here  we are going to dive into the details and give 10 tips on how to sell your boat fast

1. See If The Boat Needs Fixing

It’s only natural that the interested buyers are only going to buy the boats that are in top condition. You don’t need to spend a lot on fixing up your boat but you do have to get some work done to get a good price.

Check the motor and engine. Get rid of all the oil and get the engine steamed. Make sure the  canvas of the boat is in good condition. If it is not then to avoid expenses on replacement costs it would be best  just to remove it. Check all the electronics and see if they work properly.

When you put boats for sale, you have to see the boat from the buyers’ perspective as well. Ask yourself if you would be willing to buy this boat if it was on sale.

If not then replace, renovate and remove junks to make it look better.

2. Make It Squeaky Clean

Let’s be honest, nobody likes an unkempt boat. For starters, most buyers will take a look at the bilge of the boat and immediately decide whether to spend the next few minutes to know more or just walk away.

So keep the blige nice and clean. If the hose smells then it is best to replace it because you would not want to scare off the buyers with a smelly boat.

Clean the head and get rid of any nasty smells. Empty the tank and add necessary chemicals to neutralize any smell. Keep the latches open to remove the smell. .

A Clean and nice smelling boat can instantly give you a better price

3.  Give A Nice Paint Job

This may not be absolutely necessary and may cost you a bit more than expected.

So don’t go overboard but applying a fresh coat of paint will make the boat look much better and healthier. Use spray paints for the places that have worn off

4. De-personalize Your Boat

Your buyers would like a boat that they can customize however they want. Take out everything that has no value for the buyer; this includes all your personal belongings.

Clear out the hanging lockers, head and anywhere else you might have put anything personal. Clearing all that stuff will make the boat look even better. It’s best to keep your boat nice, clean, and decluttered so the buyers can actually feel like they are buying a brand new one and can customize the boat from scratch.

Now that you have got your boat all patched up. It’s time to move on to the next step.

5. Compare Your Boat With Others

The easiest way to know how your boat compares to others is to search   the internet.Dive into  the internet right now and search for the boat selling sites

Check out their boats and find similar ones. After that, print a copy of all those boats and use them to compare and contrast. This will give you a good idea about all the  features customers are mostly looking for.

6. Provide Honest and Accurate Details

It is not wise to try and put misinformation in the details and descriptions. You can be sure the buyers are going to do some intensive research before even considering to take a look.

They will do their homework and will eventually find out if there are any problems. So be honest with the details and be ready to answer the questions if the buyers  have any. .

7. Analyze The Market

One of the most important part of selling is knowing your customers. But in this age of the internet, the customers are more than equipped with knowledge. Just like you, they are also going through tons of websites to know about the prices.

This search makes the market largely price-driven. On the other hand, sometimes  this can also work  to your benefit. A sudden shortage of boats can help rise the price.

Either way, analyze the customers, the market, and similar brands to see what they are doing, and the best way to gather this information would be through a professional broker

8. Make A Top Notch Listing

Take some time out to  make the best listing for your boat. Discuss with your broker to list the main features and key selling points.

Optimize all this information so that it can reach the customers. Everyone and anyone is on the internet. Customers are  getting most of their information online. So make sure to use keywords and implement a digital footprint.

Make sure you have all the necessary documentation. This includes, registration papers, copies of the title, and coast guard documentation.

It would also be great if you have made any recent upgrades to your boat and have papers of those to prove authenticity.

Be aware of all the necessary information about the boat such as dimensions and tank sizes.

Last but not the least, QUALITY PICTURES! I can not stress this enough.

So many people fail to sell their boats just because of the pictures they post. Post good-quality pictures of high resolution.

In short, do everything that makes your listing stand out from the tons of similar boats out there

9. Set The Right Price

This is also a part of the market and customer analysis. You may have a price on your mind but you may be a bit disappointed if you just randomly set a price.

Scour the internet to find websites, forums, boat clubs, and communities. See what’s going on, what the people want, and learn about similar boat prices.

Contact professional brokers to know about the best deals and best places.

After getting all the information, sum it up and do your math. The results will definitely give you an idea of what you want from the boat and how much of a wiggle room you can actually afford.

10. Leave Room For Negotiation

After calculating the storage, maintenance and advertising cost of the boat calculate the bottom line. Don’t tell your customers about the best prices over the phone and always calculate the bottom line to leave a little room for negotiation.

Final Thoughts

The reason a lot of people struggle selling boats is because boat prices can sink like rocks. If you put an unrealistic expectation then you will never be able to sell your boat. Try considering the tips we provided to make sure your boat sells fast and sells at the right price.

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