You know that crispy beancurd skin that you can order at your neighbourhood Niang Doufu store? Someone in Singapore has packaged that into a new age snack with two fun flavours – Hot Pot Tomato and Sichuan Mala. Launched earlier this year, Fǔpí (腐皮) Beancurd Skin Snack is the first beancurd skin snack company.

They sent me samples and I love them.

The packaging is quirky and definitely grabs attention with the irrelevant humour.

Made with soybeans, they are a healthier alternative to conventional crisps. Fupi products are also vegan-friendly and made with zero added preservatives. They are very transparent with their ingredients used, printing them clearly with graphics at the back of the packaging:

With Fupi, you can now enjoy Niang Doufu in a snack package, infused with a sweet or spicy flavour depending on your preference.

Fupi snacks are priced at S$25 for 4 packets; S$33 for 6 packets; S$44 for 8 packets; and S$66 for 12 packets.

Fupi is available for online orders on both Lazada and Shopee and at 7-eleven stores islandwide in Singapore. Visit the official website for details.