Starting this week, 7-Eleven will be bringing a wide range of halal-certified items for the fasting month. Other popular favourites will also be available in family packs so that everyone (under one roof) can enjoy meals together.

Want some spice? The Singapore Curry Chicken Rice would be the go-to option. Alternatively, there are also the Claypot Chicken Rice and Fried Rice with Grilled Chicken for something hearty, or simple Vegetarian Porridge and Chicken Porridge for a lighter start to the day. Rice options are $3.80 each, and $6.90 for two, while porridge meals go for $2.20 each, and $3.80 for two.

These Taste Asia three-minute ready meals are pre-prepared and shelf-stable, so time-starved people can buy and keep them in their cupboard for a ready meal. Just pop them into a microwave oven or heat in hot water for three minutes!

These items would be yummy on their own or pair them with other meals and snacks from 7-Eleven. 

Halal-certified dim sum

7-Eleven neighbourhood stores will carry a range of delish bites in takeaway packs, including Honey Chicken Pau, Tau Sar Pau, Chicken Siew Mai, Chicken Pau and Lo Mai Kai, perfect for bringing home to share with the family. These packets of dim sum range from $1.10 for a packet of Lo Mai Kai made with glutinous rice and chicken, to $3.95 for a pack of 10 Chicken Siew Mai. 

Family-sized delicious meals to take home

Check out the family packs of the store’s signature 7-Select Butter Chicken and 7-Select Curry Chicken, available from 4 May. These sizable packs go for $10.80 each and are pending halal certification.

For carb lovers, 7-Select Garlic Fried Rice and 7-Select Kombu Rice (both $6.50 each), both pork- and lard-free, make for exciting alternatives.

Parents can encourage their children to dream up their own fun onigiri recipes during the school holidays. Both rice offerings are non-halal and available in family-friendly portions as well.

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