Huawei Consumer Business Group announces the HUAWEI Sound X, the all-new Huawei-Devialet joint wireless speaker that will revolutionize high-end acoustic technology with sonorous audio that leaves an enduring, life-altering impression on the listener.

The HUAWEI Sound X marries first-rate aesthetics with exquisite craftsmanship and has been recognized by the 2020 German iF Design Award committee for its stunning appearance. It has also been designed to facilitate seamless interaction with the smart devices in the listener’s vicinity.

Gently tapping your phone against the HUAWEI Sound X transmits audio to the speaker, providing a new layer of emotional immersion for the music that you love. The lossless, low-latency audio can be further bolstered by a proprietary EMUI 10.1 multi-device control panel when it is transmitted from the P40.

A Joint Huawei-Devialet Effort

The HUAWEI Sound X comes equipped with Devialet‘s patented signal-processing SAM (Speaker Active Matching) technology, and iconic Push-Push symmetrical structure, faithfully rendering music with an audiophile’s attention to detail, within an impact-resistant form.

SAM introduces an efficient compensation algorithm that is capable of adapting the output signal to match the specific characteristics of the speaker and minimize sound distortion. The Push-Push structure places the two high-power speakers symmetrically so that their back-wave vibrations cancel each other out.

iF Design-winning Sound X

As a recent recipient of the iF Design Award, the HUAWEI Sound X dazzles within any room, as well as any sound field. Its exterior design was inspired by the golden dome of the black, glazed surface hints at the robust sound.

The main, glossy portion of the body is crafted through the use of an advanced non-conductive vacuum electroplating process, to ensure quality signal transmission and reception. The lower portion uses a seamless cover that further facilitates free, lossless transmission.

The RGB tri-colour indicator light on the top surface seemingly blends the emitted light with its surroundings.

The HUAWEI Sound X incorporates dual subwoofers that deliver 60W of booming bass while remaining compact and portable for every day, all-purpose use. The innovative, visible bass unit creates a lasting visual impression to pair with the resonance of the audio.

Multi-Device Control Panel

The HUAWEI Sound X plays audio via Wi-Fi, a process that leads to much less data compression, and fewer lag or latency issues than Bluetooth transmission.

That is built on HUAWEI’s self-developed technology – EMUI 10.1 Multi-Device Control Panel which is similar to Apple’s Airplay, can transmit high-quality audio whether online or local from Sound X speaker to HUAWEI Smartphone. Pull up the main menu of the smartphone, choose Sound X to playback any lossless audio from the device, and improve its listening experience.

The speaker also packs the “Huawei Share ” function, which saves users the hassle of waiting for a wireless or Bluetooth connection to establish. Instead, you can simply tap your phone’s NFC area against the Sound X, and velvety surround sound will begin to play without delay. Or to answer calls on your HUAWEI Sound X, just switch on-call mode, with a tap of your hand.

Pricing and availability to be announced at a later date.