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How Does the Safety Of Online Dating Compare To Traditional Dating?

Dating has experienced a seismic shift in the last two decades. We have moved on from ads in the newspaper to dating apps like Grndr where it’s possible to connect with anyone, anywhere, single or otherwise. Some would argue that online dating is far better than traditional dating, but it’s not a black and white issue.

Let’s take a look at how each one stacks up in the safety stakes.

Traditional Dating

There was a time when dating or rather courtship involved a personal introduction from a friend, a relative, or someone from your church. It was the only way to meet eligible singles. If you needed a husband or wife, you had to rely on people you knew to plan a social event or invite someone suitable for afternoon tea.

This was a pretty safe way to date, as each person came with a personal recommendation. Meeting a violent psychopath wasn’t completely out of the question, but you were usually OK.

Online Dating

Dating as a construct didn’t really evolve much until the 20th-Century. By the 80s, it was common for women (and men) to place ads in newspapers, frequent nightspots, and ask friends for introductions. With the exception of newspaper singles ads, all of these methods involved meeting people in the flesh right from the off. Most of these people would have lived locally and the dater would likely have mutual friends in common with their date.

Because of this, traditional dating is arguably safer than online dating. If a date comes recommended by a close friend or relative, you work with them, or you live two streets away, the chances of them being a catfish or con artist are a lot lower.

When meeting someone by chance in a bar, you have the benefit of body language to guide you. Reading someone’s body language gives us vital clues about them. We can often deduce when someone is lying or appears shifty, purely from the clues the way they act. Listen to your sixth sense and it could save you from a bad relationship.

Online dating is a very different kettle of fish. Instead of connecting in person with someone local or in your social circle, you can hook up with a man or woman in a different state, or if you are feeling adventurous, from another country. So, what are the chances? You better don’t waste any chances of going out with someone who could potentially turn into an excellent lover. If you are in the mood, make sure you set up a good online profile, an engaging bio, and be ready for the action. It’s worth mentioning that at you’ll find tons of valuable content. Guides, advice, and insights crafted from experience give you a hand so you can make it out of your comfort zone. 

Best Dating Sites and Apps

Sites like and apps like Bumble have been a game-changer for sad singletons. It’s never been so easy to meet new people. But convenience comes at a price, as online dating can be a risky business.

Whilst there are sites like Nuwber that let you check the personal details of a potential date by inputting their email address, name, address, telephone number, etc., it’s a lot easier for fraudsters and other bad actors to target vulnerable people looking for love.

You need your wits about you when dating online. Always be aware that the person who appears attractive, personable, and empathetic online may not be any of those things in real life.

Victims are often conned out of thousands of dollars yet more than 50 million people happily use Tinder and Happen each month.

The takeaway here is that dating may have evolved, but so has the potential for risk. Always maintain a healthy dose of cynicism when dating. If a date asks for money or the information that they give you doesn’t add up, walk away and don’t arrange to meet in person. Finally, never share personal information until you are sure this person is who they say they are – this is basic 101 in any Online Internet Safety Guide.

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