Singapore is a meritocratic society, and education is the only way for upward social mobility. Parents in this island state are willing to do everything possible to ensure that their children get into the best and elite schools. Singaporean students are among the most hardworking and competitive than most other countries, with 4 out of 5 parents sending their kids for extra classes or private tuition. This is so prevalent that the country has gained the reputation of being a “tuition nation,” and it is estimated that Singaporean students and parents have reportedly spent over $1.1 billion a year on tuition each year.

Why You Need Tuition In Singapore?

For all of you reading this, you’re probably asking yourself—why do Singaporeans spend such obscene sums of money on private tuition or tuition centers? What is the point of sending students for tuition if they’re already being taught in school? Is it because the teachers aren’t well trained or good enough?

There are two main reasons for this. First, parents send their kids to tuition because he or she is not doing well in school. Private tuition will help him or her catch up with other students and get more help and individualized attention in certain subjects. The second reason parents send their kids to tuition is they want them to stay ahead of the pack. It’s surprisingly common in Singapore, and Singaporean parents are known to teach their primary school children advanced math and physics tuition.

6 Best Tuition Centers In Singapore For Elite Students

If you’re thinking about sending your kid to a renowned tuition center but don’t know where to start, we have selected some of the best-known tuition centers in Singapore which are reputable and offer excellent value. Some of these tuition centers specialize in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) in case your kid is struggling in these topics. It is also notable as STEM subjects are arguably more challenging to teach, tuition centers offering tuition in these disciplines often expensive. Anyways, let’s get to it:

1. The Learning Lab

The Learning Lab is an island-wide tuition chain that has been around for 16+ years and popular among parents. The Learning Lab is ideal for preschoolers to junior college students as well as for students enrolled in the Integrated Programs (IP) and the Gifted Education Programs (GEP).  This tuition center’s teaching model focuses on three main components: knowledge or content, developing the required skills to do well in the subject and exams and helping children develop an interest in what he or she is learning. For more visit: 

2. The Physics Cafe (Specialist in JC and IP/Sec Physics)

If you’re looking for a popular physics tuition center in Singapore, The Physics Café has you covered. This tuition center specializes in IP, secondary and JC physics and chemistry. The Physics Café is founded in 2010 by popular former RJC Lecturer, Mr Dave Sim. The Physics Café came into the spotlight because of its out-of-the-box teaching methods and innovative offerings, which include its own lecture theatre, an in-house café, scholarship programs, study rooms, digital library, and shuttle bus. To ensure the students get the best education, this tuition center trains teachers through mock classes for up to a year before they’re allowed to teach real students.  It seems that their efforts pay of as The Physics Cafe annual %A double the national average percentage A every year. For more visit: or

3. Mavis Tutorial Centre

If your child is in primary school preparing for Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) or taking preparations for his or her O/A Levels, Mavis Tutorial Centre is another island-wide tuition center chain that you need to consider. This tuition center has 12 branches and also has some of the most competitive fee structure than anybody in the business. For more visit:

4. The Maths Café (IP/Sec/JC Specialist Centre)

The Maths Cafe is a tuition chain that only employs NIE-trained teachers and follows a curriculum that is written by their teachers. It is founded by a group of RJC lecturers. Most tutors teaching at The Maths Cafe worked as senior teachers and were heads of departments in school prior joining the café. This tuition center specializes in mathematics across all levels (Pr, Sec/IP/JC). Most of their students are from IP schools and JC as the level of difficulties of their questions and exams are geared towards getting A.  If you’re looking for a popular physics tuition center in Singapore or popular math tuition center in Singapore, for more information, visit:

5. Science Studio Learning Lab

Science Studio Learning Lab is a great tuition center for younger kids, which emphasizes on hands-on activities. Each lesson taught in this center includes experiments that are designed to make science learning more fun and engaging to kids. Additionally, students can also go online for videos and other interactive quizzes. The major downside here is that this tuition center caters solely to primary school students. For more visit:

6. SmartLab Education Centre

SmartLab Education Centre is a nation-wide tuition chain that has been in the private tuition business for almost 20 years. This tuition center keeps its class sizes small, with only 8 to 10 students. This helps teachers to provide personalized lessons and improved interaction with the students. They specialize in math and science subjects for PSLE, O-levels, and A-levels. All programs offered at SmartLab Education Centre was developed by first-class honors graduates duo from Cambridge University, UK. Parents will also be impressed knowing that SmartLab Education Centre has a full-scale MOE Science Lab and also provides a full refund of the total fees if you see that your child failed to achieve the agreed improvements in grades at the end of the year. For more visit: