Nestia Shared Umbrellas is here to help with the pesky issue of not having an umbrella when it starts to rain. Nestia has created ready access to umbrellas as and when you need them.

Find the nearest Nestia Shared Umbrellas stand: With several umbrella-stands at 137 easily accessible locations throughout Singapore, including 17 MRT stations.

The Shared Umbrellas now come with an auto-search function to help you find the umbrella stand nearest to you.

For all users, Nestia is offering you the first 24 hours FREE of charge! Just return the umbrella within 24 hours and you will be able to get back your entire deposit. This promotion will last throughout this rainy season. All you need is your phone and a minute.

You can now enjoy:

  • Protection from any weather conditions: The Nestia umbrella is sturdy and has adequate UV protection.
  • Rent an umbrella when you need it: When you need an umbrella, just find the nearest station and you can rent one for your immediate usage. Simply press the button on the umbrella stand to start the process and follow the instructions.
  • Have an umbrella to use wherever you are: With different stations located throughout Singapore, there is no longer a need for you to arm yourself with an umbrella all the time.
  • Return the umbrella when and where it is convenient for you: With the stations located in many different locations, there is no need to go back to the same place to return your rented umbrella. Just find the nearest station and return it.
  • Save the money you spend on cheap umbrellas: You no longer have to keep buying another cheap umbrella when it rains. Renting a Nestia umbrella will cost you less than a dollar for every 24 hours and nothing for the first 24 hours.

Rain or shine, Nestia Shared Umbrellas is here to ensure that you will never fear the weather changing again.