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Discover and develop your child’s potential via the Academy of Smarts – here’s how

United Overseas Bank (UOB) announces it was making it easier for parents to discover and to nurture their child’s true potential through a partnership with Prudential Singapore and Nickelodeon Asia that will enhance the UOB KidSmart Programme.

The first step in the UOB KidSmart Programme is for children to take an online test to identify their natural abilities based on eight types of intelligence. The five-minute test, which is based on the MIDAS (Multiple Intelligences Development Scales) aptitude assessment tool, gives parents deeper insight into the unique strengths of their child.

Nickelodeon Academy of Smarts

The Nickelodeon Academy of Smarts is a microsite destination that builds on these results through association with popular Nickelodeon characters and tasks suited to their Smarts. These characters range from preschool characters such as Dora the Explorer to live-action characters from Henry Danger.

During the year-end school holiday, stay tuned for a series of Nickelodeon Academy of Smarts online and on-ground activities such as task sheets from the Nickelodeon Academy of Smarts microsite and game booths at roadshows.

The Eight Smarts

  1. Body Smart – Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  2. Logic Smart – The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
  3. Music Smart – Shimmer and Shine
  4. Nature Smart – Dora the Explorer
  5. People Smart – PAW Patrol
  6. Picture Smart – Henry Danger
  7. Self Smart – The Loud House
  8. Word Smart – Bubble Guppies

In addition to the MIDAS assessment tool, the UOB KidSmart Programme website features an online financial goal planner to help parents chart a suitable financial plan to support their children’s development.

Parents can also access deals for a range of enrichment activities for their children linked to the different types of intelligence. Children are encouraged to discover more about their intelligence through Smart task sheets found on the Nickelodeon Academy of Smarts microsite.

Nickelodeon Asia, Prudential Singapore, and UOB have organised a series of activities as part of their year-long partnership. In 2020, UOB Wealth Banking customers will be able to enrol their children in exclusive masterclasses held at selected UOB Wealth Banking Centres. The children will be able to explore their intelligence through activities such as creating stop motion videos, augmented reality clips and digital music.

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