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Baby Clothes That Don’t Complicate Changing

Everybody wants their little tyke to be as sharply dressed as possible, but this sometimes conflicts with more realistic goals like keeping your child at the right temperature or how easy changing will be down the line. Some of the most exquisite and beautiful pieces of baby clothing heavily draw from adult clothing options, and if you’ve been paying attention, adults don’t need much help changing. This can be an issue, since babies are prone to soiling themselves and it isn’t fun drawing out the process with shirts and pants that don’t want to cooperate. It’s essential to choose clothes for your baby that won’t have you pulling your hair out if you have to change them, while your baby is in the midst of a post-bathroom crying session.

If you want to dress your child up in clothes you approve of in both look and function, look no further because this list has some great options for you:


The onesie is one of the most valuable articles of clothing in any baby’s wardrobe. They are essentially t-shirts that have an extra bundle of fabric toward the bottom that allows for the baby’s crotch to be covered up as well. Changing while wearing a toddler onesie can be done without having to remove the piece of clothing at all. Simply undo the flap that secures the onesie in place and push the shirt up as needed. Should there be any spillage, the onesie will also take the brunt of that which helps to reduce your overall cleaning burden. The way the onesie hugs against the body will also work to keep the diaper in place, something your baby might appreciate if they have a bit of wiggle room.

Kimono Tops

Kimono tops for babies are a bit different from the flowing silk options for adults. They’re named more for the fact that they can be opened from the front and that they resemble a genuine kimono. A kimono top can be just as warm and comfortable as a normal shirt. The main benefit is that you won’t need to pull the shirt over your child’s head to get it off or on. During changing time, it’s as simple as opening up the shirt and taking your baby’s arms out of the sleeves. Taking a baby in or out of a kimono top can easily take only 5-10 seconds. Compare that to the difficulty of taking a normal shirt that needs to be pulled off from your baby’s head. It’s a no-brainer why these tops made this list. Ultimately, this leads to a reduction in the amount of time it takes to change your baby, while still keeping them looking snazzy.


When looking at sleepers, make sure you buy the ones that have a zipper over the front that makes removing your baby simple. The sleeper is a magnificent article of clothing because it covers your baby from head to toe. That means just one article of clothing is needed to clothe your baby for the time being, something whoever does the laundry in your household will appreciate. It opens up nicely with a simple zipper that allows you to pick your baby up and take them out of the sleeper when it’s changing time. If you make sure to buy the right one, you’ll have a cute piece of nightwear that keeps your baby warm and keeps you in a good mood all night long.


A more active version of the sleeper would be the romper. These are one-piece clothing options that function like a pair of shorts and a tank top put together. They can be used as a layering option, but they shine most during the summer months. Although they are technically a single piece of clothing, baby rompers typically have snaps at the crotch area to keep changing simple. All you need to do is to undo the clips, move the clothing away, and you’re free to get to changing.


These are great options to keep changing simple while your baby is playing around the house. Couple them with a kimono top or similarly simple to navigate upper body option, and changing will remain extremely simple. Bloomers essentially function as diaper covers. They fit loosely around the waist and body in general, which makes them a very unobtrusive option in baby fashion. Come time for changing, a simple pinch from both sides will be all you’ll need to get those bloomers off and dealt with. Bloomers are a cute and simple addition to your baby’s wardrobe and give off the impression that they’re wearing boxers, something that’s a pretty cute look.


For all of those times where bloomers won’t quite cut it, leggings are another option in pants that won’t be too difficult to take off should your baby have a little accident. Since they are also extremely comfortable to wear and come in a variety of different styles, these might be one of the more appealing clothing options on this list. The elastic waistband is perfect for quick removal, while if you’re lucky and the pants themselves didn’t take any sort of damage, you won’t even need to fully remove them to change the diaper.


A truly worthwhile piece of baby clothing covers all of the bases parents worry about – comfort, warmth, protection, and convenience. It’s rare to find clothing that can satisfy all four different attributes at once, but they are out there if you know where to look. When buying clothing with how easy it will be to change in mind, think about how difficult the clothes will be to take on or put off. Then, think about it again in a situation where your baby might be squirming or upset, or where you might not be in the most alert frame of mind (midnight changing, anyone?). If you think you can handle it after thinking through both of those scenarios, you probably have a winning option on your hands.

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