Make Your Own Perfume at Scent-OSA in Sentosa

Presented by Jetaime Group, the same folks behind the perfume workshops at Goodman Art Center, Scent-OSA is an immersive perfume-making show conducted at Sentosa Nature Discovery in the island of fun.

Each class costs between S$105 to S$120 per pax and last for about 3 hours. During the workshop, you get to:

  • Take a Personality Test and see which ingredients suit your personality
  • Watch a show about the various personality types, projected onto your table as you concoct your own perfume
  • Use scented oils to make 2 samples (10ml) and 1 big (100ml) perfume to take home
10ml bottle
100ml bottle
100ml bottle
  • Free Name Engraving if booked 7 days in advance

I must say I found the experience very engaging and fun, even for a father and son duo. There are scents available for both male and female. On top of getting to concoct our own personalised perfume, both Asher and I walked home with deeper knowledge of the scents around us and how we respond differently to different scents.

A personalised Alvinology brand perfume

If you are interested to book a session at the newly opened Scent-OSA in Sentosa, visit the official website for details.

What to Expect

Step 1 – Perfume show starts with brief introduction about Asian floral heritage and our orchids in Singapore
Before Singapore became the developed nation we are today, it was a tropical island filled with a rich array of bio-diversity, including orchids and other floras where unique scents can be curated from.

Step 2 – Take a perfume personality test and match the oils to your results
Watch and participate in an immersive show that starts with a personality test. Through the show, a narrator will explain the results and also provide you with clear instructions on how to mix the Citrus, Floral, Fresh, Woody and Oriental ingredients to create your personalised perfume.

Step 3 – Make 2 signature scent samples of 10 ml each
Use Orchid infused oils to create two different scents that match your personality. Jetaime Group stocks perfume ingredients from around the world, with Orchid scents being their speciality.

Step 4 – Concoct your own final 100ml personalised perfume
From the 2 scent samples created, pick an option which you like better and create it into a final scent to take home as your own. This will be presented in a 100ml crystal bottle. For bookings made 1 week in advance, the bottle will come with a free name engraving.

Where is Scent-OSA?

Scent-OSA is located within Sentosa island.  It is surrounded by the lush greenery of Sentosa Nature Discovery and is right behind the butterfly garden.

Scent-OSA Perfume Show

(1-20pax) – DIY Perfume Workshop Show @Scent-OSA Nature Discovery Center

Price: S$105 (below 15 years old) to $120 per pax

Location: 51 Imbiah Rd, Singapore 099702 Imbiah Rd, 099702

Children below 7 are not allowed. 15+ is considered adult

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