Ramen Champion announces that it will now house Gyumaru at Bugis+. Gyumaru is the first ramen restaurant in Singapore to serve gyukotsu ramen (beef bone ramen), which is a rare dish in the ramen world.

Relish the palate-enveloping note of the beef broth, which is made with beef bone and oxtail. The entire preparation takes two days to complete — the broth is first boiled for nine hours before it is cooled and refrigerated for it to set into a thick and flavourful concentrate. Each beef broth cube is then simmered over low heat before it is served.

The broth is accompanied with springy thin noodles custom-made from a local Japanese noodle making specialist — for the doneness, there are two options to choose from: soft and hard. Thick tender cubes of well-marbled ribeye sourced domestically from a halal-certified supplier are placed atop the ribbons of al-dente noodles.

The gyukotsu ramen comes in various options:

Beef Shio Ramen

Beef Shoyu Ramen

Coriander Beef Shio Ramen

Coriander Beef Shoyu Ramen

Special Beef Ramen (Shio)

Special Beef Ramen (Shoyu)

Spicy Beef Ramen (Shio)

Spicy Beef Ramen (Shoyu)

Side dishes are also available to complement the hearty bowls of gyukotsu ramen. Choose from Tori Karaage ($6.80), Chicken Gyoza ($6), Ebi Fry ($6.80), Beef Agedashi Tofu ($7.80), and Spicy Tofu ($5.80).

Gyumaru is also in the process of receiving its Halal certification — Muslim gourmands can very soon enjoy non-pork ramen.

For more information, visit here.