The Speak Mandarin Campaign celebrates 40 years since its first launch in 1979, and since then it has been encouraging Singaporeans to speak Mandarin. To mark this milestone, it introduces a new slogan “Speak Mandarin? Yes, I can.”

The Speak Mandarin Campaign aims to help Singaporeans build the capability and confidence to use Mandarin effectively in different contexts, as it continues to create conducive environments for Mandarin to be used and practised.

Database of Singaporean Mandarin Terms

The Mandarin that Singaporeans speak and use carries unique nuances in vocabulary and turns of phrase. Singaporeans can soon find these Singaporean Mandarin terms in a newly created online Singaporean Mandarin database. The database features commonly used and unique Singaporean terms which reflect and celebrate Singapore’s multi-ethnic heritage and identity.

The research project aims to compile the Singaporean Mandarin database (over two years) and will include terms that Singaporeans would have ascribed cultural, historical or sentimental value to. These terms are used in Singapore but may not be commonly used in other Mandarin-speaking regions.

The research into these terms would also provide information on their etymologies and equivalents used elsewhere. With such resources, the Speak Mandarin Campaign hopes to strengthen contextual understanding for the use of Mandarin in different regions and reinforce a sense of Singaporean Chinese culture and identity.

SMC 40 Carnival

It takes continuous effort to learn and use Mandarin, which explains the Promote Mandarin Council’s encouraging call for all Singaporeans to play active roles, to make the process a fun and enjoyable one.

As part of its 40th-anniversary celebrations, the public can also look forward to the SMC 40 Carnival, which will take place at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre on 26 and 27 October 2019. The weekend carnival features programmes such as music performances, storytelling sessions, workshops, activities for families, and food and market stalls.

There will also be opportunities to meet radio DJs from Yes 93.3 and UFM1003. All activities will be conducted in Mandarin.