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British pedophile who abused 200 Malaysian kids stabbed to death in prison

33-year-old Charles Huckle was serving his 22 life sentences for victimizing over 200 children mostly in Malaysia when he was stabbed to death in prison on October 13, Monday.

According to a report by The Straits Times, Huckle was sentenced in 2016 for 71 counts of various horrid sex crimes pertaining to children as young as six months old. His victims ranged from babies to 12-year-old children, mostly from South East Asia, particularly Malaysia.

He was stabbed in his own cell is Full Sutton Prison, said reports. A makeshift knife was believed to be the weapon involved in his death.

A report from the Daily Mail said that a fellow inmate had been put into isolation following the event.

The report said that he plead guilty to all the 71 counts of sex abuse of children and that the incidents happened from 2006 to 2014, when he was working in South East Asia as a teacher and volunteer, where he groomed his victims.

Who is Charles Huckler?

According to an earlier report from The Straits Times, Huckle lived in an affluent part of Kuala Lumpur when he was in the thick of committing his heinous sex crimes. The location was near Taman Tun Dr Ismail, and was only 15 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur.

Separated only by thin wooden walls, Huckle was able to prey on poor families, projecting his benevolent, wealthy, Western persona onto the needier families with small and pre-teen children.

Huckle admitted to sexually abusing 23 different Malaysian kids repeatedly, and had laid his hands on as many as 200 victims over the nine years he was working and living in the area.

He advertised his services as a photographer and tutor to religious and poorly-educated families. He also volunteered at churches and took in orphans and poor children, the latter usually the children of needy single mothers. According to the report, ” A person from that community who sees a white Christian man who wants to volunteer and help children will be very trusting and grateful.”

In some areas, he had victimized a quarter of all the girls under eighteen years olf for several years.

A disgusting dark Web persona

While his appearance as a Caucasian volunteer with an interest in teaching and photography, less educated and poorer families with a strong religious background immediately trusted him.

He would post about his exploits on a blog on the dark Web, which contained 20,000 photos and videos of the children he victimized. Some of the videos included media of him raping or sexually abusing the children. He sold the photos and videos and bragged about his acts to others on the dark web.

He also uploaded several photos of undressed children playing on Malaysian beaches. It looked like he took photos of the children without the parents’ permission.

He was also sharing to other pedophiles on the internet how to become an effective exploiter of poorer children. He also tried to get funds to produce his first child sex video. He wanted to earn money by hawking his crimes and perversions online.

In one of his posts on his perverted blogs, he wrote, “It’s not often in child porn that you can compare the bodies of a five-year-old and a 12-year-old that are the same girl,” he wrote.

“I’m sure I’ll have plenty more sex with (her) in the future… I hope, from the images you have seen, (you) enjoyed watching her grow.”

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