Staycation is equal to relaxation. However, no matter how bad you want it to stay that way, there will always be unprecedented problems that will ruin your vacation. For instance, you forgot to bring your charger, you don’t have a bottle opener, or with all the hotel rooms, you had the luck of having a noisy neighbour.

In times like these, we’re lucky enough that people who also underwent with the same trouble shared their experience on how they deal with it cleverly. Here are 10 brilliant hotel hacks shared by people (and proven effective) that will surely come in handy on your next staycation.

1. Keep the curtains closed

2. No bottle opener, no problem

3. DIY humidifier

4. Improvised lock

5. Keep your hands clean

6. Goodbye noisy neighbours

7. DIY toothbrush stash

8. Easy clothes management

9. Forgot your phone charger?

10. Keep the power on even when you step outside

Your next staycation will never be the same with these 10 brilliant hotel hacks.

Do you know any hotel hacks not mentioned above? Feel free to share them in the comments section and let others know what to do when they encounter the same hotel troubles.