GoPro HERO8 BLACK, Mods, and Max are here – here’s everything you need to know - Alvinology

GoPro HERO8 BLACK, Mods, and Max are here – here’s everything you need to know

GoPro introduces HERO8 Black, Mods, and MAX—and redefining what’s possible with a camera. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the details of these exciting new GoPro series.

HERO8 Black (S$599)

HERO8 Black sends it big with next-level HyperSmooth 2.0 video stabilization that works in all resolutions and frame rates, features a new Boost mode and has in-app horizon levelling. Also new, TimeWarp 2.0 features automatic rate adjustment and tap-control speed ramping.

GoPro HERO8 BLACK, Mods, and Max are here – here’s everything you need to know - Alvinology

The revamped SuperPhoto feature delivers ghost-free HDR action photos, and all-new LiveBurst captures 1.5 seconds of 12MP (4K 4:3) footage before and after the shutter. HERO8 Black’s new wind-optimized front-facing mic and high-fidelity audio improvements will certainly do the trick.

GoPro Hero8 Black Key Features:

  • Streamlined Design
  • HERO8 Black Mods
  • HyperSmooth 2.0
  • TimeWarp 2.0
  • Digital Lenses
  • Capture Presets
  • On-Screen Shortcuts
  • LiveBurst
  • SuperPhoto with improved HDR
  • Pro-Quality 4K60 + 1080p240 Video
  • RAW in All Photo Modes
  • Night Lapse Video
  • Live Streaming in 1080p
  • Voice Control
  • Advanced Wind-Noise Reduction
  • Rugged and Waterproof
  • GPS-Enabled
  • Transfer to Phone

Mods (S$120 – S$75)

HERO8 Black can also be transformed into a vlogging or production powerhouse with GoPro’s new modular accessory ecosystem.

GoPro HERO8 BLACK, Mods, and Max are here – here’s everything you need to know - Alvinology

The Mods version comes in three variants:

  • Media Mod (S$120) – delivers shotgun-mic directional audio performance and features two cold shoe mounts for additional accessories along with Type-C, HDMI and 3.5mm external mic adapter ports.
  • Display Mod (S$120) – a folding front- or rear-facing 1.90-inch display that attaches to the top of the Media Mod. It’s the perfect size for both framing up vlogging shots and folding down and out of the way when not in use.
  • Light Mod (S$75) – Waterproof to 33 feet (10 meters), wearable and gear-mountable, this Mod is the world’s most versatile light. It can brighten any scene, whether mounted to the Media Mod or attached to a GoPro mount, it’s rechargeable, and it comes complete with a diffuser to soften lighting when filming with HERO8 Black.

Mods enable users to transform their HERO8 Black into a production powerhouse.

GoPro MAX (S$740)

GoPro MAX is a dual-lens GoPro camera that maxes out on versatility—it’s like having three cameras in one. Use MAX as a waterproof, maximum-stabilized single-lens HERO camera, dual-lens 360 camera or next-level vlogging camera with its built-in front-facing display and shotgun-mic audio capabilities.

GoPro HERO8 BLACK, Mods, and Max are here – here’s everything you need to know - Alvinology

MAX delivers next-level, unbreakable video stabilization with Max HyperSmooth. MAX also features four digital lenses, including the new ultra-wide Max SuperView—GoPro’s widest field of view ever. Additional updates include in-camera 360-video and photo stitching plus keyframe-based editing of 360 content in the GoPro app.

GoPro Max Key Features:

  • Built-In, Folding Mounting Fingers
  • HERO + 360 Capture Modes
  • Max HyperSmooth
  • In-Camera Horizon Leveling
  • Max TimeWarp
  • Digital Lenses
  • Max SuperView
  • PowerPano
  • Premium Image Quality
  • Premium 360 + Stereo Audio
  • Directional Audio
  • In-Camera Stitching
  • Reframe + the GoPro App
  • 1080p Live Streaming
  • Rugged and Waterproof
  • Voice Control
  • GPS-Enabled
  • Scene Detection
  • Auto Backup to the Cloud with GoPro PLUS

The Updated GoPro App

The Quik app is now built right into the GoPro app. The GoPro app also supports both GoPro and phone content in edits, allows filters to be applied to single clips as well as multi-clip edits and now streams live at full 1080p resolution on both HERO8 Black and MAX.

The app’s auto-generated video edit feature also has four new themes inspired by iconic GoPro edits from the company’s in-house media team. Choose between Adrenaline Seeker, Adventure Travel, Cinematic and Memory Curator and share directly to social media or store within the app as an editable draft to revisit.

GoPro Million Dollar Challenge

The GoPro Million Dollar Challenge is back, now featuring HERO8 Black and MAX. Open exclusively to owners of HERO8 Black and MAX, the Million Dollar Challenge will award an equal share of USD$1,000,000 to entrants whose video clips are included in the GoPro Million Dollar Challenge video that will be released in late January 2020.

The rules are simple: Grab a HERO8 Black or MAX, capture raw video and submit here. Entry begins 1 October and ends 12 January.

Singapore Availability

Pre-order HERO8 Black at select retail partners starting October 2 and receive limited edition kits with free foldable travel backpack (while stocks last):

  • Courts
  • Best Denki
  • Challenger
  • Harvey Norman
  • TK Foto
  • Spring-Cass

MAX will be available at authorized retailers from October 24. Mods will be available for preorder here in December.

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