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You can now have your favourite HEINEKEN beer delivered to your doorstep via the Grab app

Grab announces a collaboration with HEINEKEN, which will enable the world’s most international brewer to plug into Grab’s platform of services to grow its digital business and extend its reach and convenience to customers and consumers in the region.

The partnership will enable HEINEKEN to tap on Grab’s mobility, food, delivery and payment services across its platform to better meet its last-mile logistics needs, boost its offerings to customers and distributors, and drive demand for HEINEKEN beers and ciders in Southeast Asia. HEINEKEN will also be able to boost its sales and distribution channels.

Under the partnership, both companies will be able to:

  • Provide a hassle-free experience for customers, of legal drinking age, to have cold beer delivered to their doorsteps, anytime, anywhere;
  • Broaden the distribution of HEINEKEN beers and ciders through GrabFood; – Enable customers to sample new HEINEKEN beers and ciders through promotional campaigns;
  • Use GrabPay as a preferred mobile payment method for HEINEKEN events;
  • Launch HEINEKEN Online Specialty Store on the Grab App;
  • Implement Grab For Business solutions to HEINEKEN employees in Southeast Asia to enhance workplace efficiency and productivity;
  • Grab to become the preferred transport provider for HEINEKEN employees across Southeast Asia;
  • Enable HEINEKEN to use anonymised data and insights to identify popular locations from which most orders come from and ascertain the best sellers.

The collaboration kicks off in Singapore and Vietnam at the end of September. This will be followed by additional offerings in the Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia.

The latest HEINEKEN-Grab partnership validates how Grab has extended its all-in-one platform offering to merchants and brand partners so that they too, get a frictionless experience. These merchants can gain seamless access to Grab’s wide user base, customer insights, payment and on-demand courier services, backed by its transport network and technology infrastructure, and integrate them into their operations to grow their business.


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