Starting 23 September, the highly anticipated Hershey’s Soft Serve makes its way to all McDonald’s restaurants and Dessert Kiosks islandwide, giving the classic Vanilla Soft Serve a run for its money! Experience a world of chocolatey goodness and enjoy the richness of Hershey’s chocolate with a variety of mouth-watering treats.

Hershey’s Cone (from $1.40)

Twist Cone (from $1.40)

ChocoCone (from $1.40)

Chocolatey Sundae (from $2.40)

Hershey’s McFlurry (from $3.20)

There’s no better way to combat Singapore’s sweltering heat than with a cooling cup of Hershey’s McFlurry – on the house! Spread the word, because here’s something cool you and your friends don’t want to miss.

From 20 to 22 September, keep an eye out for something very unique located at three bus stops across the island, where there’ll be a total of 2,700 cups of Hershey’s McFlurry up for grabs! At 12 PM and 6 PM, the bus stop advertisements will open up for everyone to grab a delicious cup of Hershey’s McFlurry for FREE – that is if you’re lucky enough to be the first few in the area!

But, you know, life is unfair, and you’re lucky to be reading this. So, we’re sharing this secret of where you can grab this free delight. You deserve it.

Free Hershey’s McFlurry venues

The free Hershey’s McFlurry comes in the form of Be-Our-Guest cards (gift vouchers), that are redeemable at all McDonald’s restaurants from 23 September.