MyRepublic launches “Friends with Benefits” – refer your friends and get, well, benefits (in $$$)

MyRepublic launches the “Friends with Benefits” referral program today, offering customers new and improved rewards for referring their friends to sign up to MyRepublic broadband. With Friends with Benefits both parties benefit: the MyRepublic customer as well as the person that they refer.

New customers who sign up with a valid MyRepublic Customer ID and the Friends with Benefits promo code will enjoy an additional 10% off selected MyRepublic broadband plans. MyRepublic customers making the referral can earn up to $4 monthly credit for each referral – that’s up to $96 over 24 months.

Subscribers can easily share their customer ID and the promo code on social media, forums or instant-messaging to their friends and family, potentially earning up to hundreds of dollars per month. While the 10% discount is only available for select broadband plans, both MyRepublic broadband and mobile customers can refer new subscribers through Friends with Benefits. In other words, every

MyRepublic subscriber can promote the MyRepublic love online to earn.

Taking Things to the Next Level

Customers who really spread the love will find themselves richly rewarded. From 6 and 21 referrals, MyRepublic customers will reach a new tier, earning even more credits for each referral:

  • Minimum of 1 referral – each referral lets you earn $2 per month
  • Minimum of 6 referral – each referral lets you earn $3 per month
  • Minimum of 21 referral – each referral lets you earn $4 per month

Customers who have earned enough credits to exceed their monthly bills with MyRepublic can use the excess credits to redeem for vouchers.

These tangible and immediate benefits are a stark contrast to traditional loyalty programmes relying on complicated point structures.

To find out more about the Friends with Benefits program, visit here.

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  1. Extremely Poor customer service for myrepublic,
    The modem myrepublic given to me is over 4 year old Huawei echolife HG8040H5,
    When i request for a modem change, it was reject cause my connection is working fine.
    Are you telling me that technology did not change over the past 4 years? The modem Huawei HG8040H5 is not even in the troubleshooting list cause myrepublic is now either using Nokia or Alcatel Lucent
    100% will leave myrepublic after this plan ends

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