Future Makers Exhibition – Here are the 5 themed zones with 15 interactive exhibits - Alvinology

Future Makers Exhibition – Here are the 5 themed zones with 15 interactive exhibits

Engineers make things happen and the Science Centre Singapore’s new Future Makers exhibition celebrates the valuable contribution that engineers have made to shape our lives. They design and build everything from skyscrapers to robots. They turn products of imagination into real-world innovation. From AR and cybersecurity solutions to driverless cars and a connected network of smart internet devices – things we often take for granted are all possible because of engineers.

The Future Makers exhibition aims to encourage guests to think and act like engineers. It explores day-to-day innovations as well as complex engineering marvels that have shaped and changed lives. Aimed at young adults, guests visiting Future Makers can catch a glimpse of the modern engineering world, get hands-on with the interactive exhibits, and problem-solve their way through an escape room.

Future Makers exhibition has five themed zones featuring over 15 new interactive exhibits:

Zone 1: Atrium

The journey to Future Makers starts at the Atrium where guests can choose to access the exhibition directly by climbing the newly built stairs or by hand-cranking their way up using the manual elevator.

Zone 2: Object Theatre

Future Makers Exhibition – Here are the 5 themed zones with 15 interactive exhibits - Alvinology

The Object Theatre features four industrial robotic arms each carrying a large format screen. The robots which resemble giant arms exhibit their own personalities while displaying a video that tells the scope of modern engineering.

The four screens provide a visual enhancement to the storytelling, moving in pre-programmed synchronization to the animations in various formations. Together in a row, they display a large cohesive video, and apart, they show individual, coordinated images that jump virtually from screen to screen. The combined choreography of screen movements and the innovative display is an entertaining showcase of extraordinary engineering designed by Andy Flessas and his team of specialists-experts.

Zone 3: Interactive Exhibitions on Modern Engineering

People are at the heart of the Future Makers exhibition and this gallery celebrates the contributions of engineers across five themed modules. The five modules each feature a modern engineering problem and describe how engineers solve it in 15 hands-on exhibits. Each module releases a set of secret codes upon solving the interactive feature and guests are set on a mission to acquire all five codes from this zone to unlock the “escape-in” room in Zone 5.

The five modules are:

  1. Big Things – From the beautiful taller-than-the-Eiffel-Tower “sky bridge” in Millau, France to Marina Barrage, this module looks at the megastructures of the world and how they are built to last.
  2. Life & Leisure –This module looks at contemporary issues in our world that engineers can help mitigate.
  3. Body Builders –This module explores the important biotechnological-bioengineering inventions that have and will change the future.
  4. Going Places – From how the designers of the Japanese Shinkansen bullet train to the dreams of going to Mars on SpaceX’s reusable rockets, explore the possibilities for transportation in this module.
  5. Making Change – This module profiles engineers whose hearts are invested in helping the rest of humanity in very pressing, real and even deadly problems – from the female environmental health engineer helping to provide cleaned-up, potable water, to the billionaire-philanthropist who tasked engineers to find a way to provide electricity to the rural poor.

Future Makers Exhibition – Here are the 5 themed zones with 15 interactive exhibits - Alvinology

Zone 4: Drone-Rover Arena

In this specially created indoor-outdoor space, guests can learn to fly drones and navigate rovers through a challenging landscape.

Zone 5: Escape Room

Guests with the five secret codes can now use them to access the escape room. In this space-themed experience, guests are challenged to repair and re-activate a crashed spacecraft in order to prevent an alien invasion.

Future Makers is a permanent exhibition running at the Science Centre Singapore at Hall G on Level 2. For admission to Future Makers and up to six different gated attractions at Science Centre Singapore, purchase the all-in-one Dino-Mite Passes and enjoy savings of up to 40%.

Passes can be purchased online here and onsite at Science Centre Singapore’s ticketing counters.

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