Running throughout the school holidays until 30 June, the Pokemon Carnival held at Sentosa Cove Village is a perfect opportunity for guests to win Pokémon plushies by participating in the Pokémon Adventure; a hunt for Pokémon from the Alolan region.

The carnival is the first time in Asia that all 403 Pokémon from the Alolan region will be in one place. It also features carnival games as well as a number of inflatables, including a giant 5-metre tall Pikachu and his 6-metre tall Lapras friend. Fans of Pikachu can look forward to parades and meet and greet sessions with their beloved Pokémon as well.

Here are the top things to do at Sentosa’s Pokemon Carnival:

1. Redeem a Pokémon plushie after completing the Pokémon Adventure

2. Test your mettle and win a set of Pokemon Stickers

3. Take a photo with the massive 5-metre tall Pikachu

4. Take a photo with the even bigger 6-metre tall Lapras

5. Take a selfie with inflatable Pokemon around Sentosa Cove Village

6. Have a family photo with over 400 Pokemon standees

7. Let the kids enjoy the larger-than-life inflatables

Entry to the carnival is free for all and various modes of transportation are available to get to Sentosa Cove Village. For more information, visit here.