New Fitbit Inspire HR is Fitbit’s cheapest 24/7 heart rate tracking device

Fitbit, one the pioneers in consumers sports wearables recently launched the new Fitbit Inspire HR, a upgraded version of their compact Inspire wearable that comes with a heart rate tracking device.

The Fitbit Inspire HR is priced at S$158, compared the regular Inspire which is priced at S$118. This makes it the brand’s most affordable 24/7 heart rate tracking device in the market at the moment.

The Fitbit Inspire HR packs all-day automatic activity, exercise and Sleep Stages tracking, with 15+ goal-based exercise modes, connected GPS, and Relax guided breathing in a stylish, slim design.

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Basically, everything that’s available on the Fitbit Inspire plus the heart rate tracker. Like the regular Inspire, it has a new modern, comfortable and swimproof design with a touchscreen display, smartphone notifications and up to 5 days of batter life for day-to-night wear.

I been wearing it for over a month now and grew to love it for it’s compact size. I have taken it swimming and for long jogs and the Inspire HR does it’s job fine. The main selling point here is it’s compact and stylish design, making it an ideal alternative to the flagship Fitbit Versa smartwatch is is much chunkier, making it less suited as a fashionable accessory or for heavier sports activities. The lower price point would also make it more attractive to those who prefer a basic fitness tracker that also does it’s job versus a more expensive smartwatch with juiced-up features.

If there’s one complain about the Fitbit Inspire HR, it’s my small complain with other Fitbit devices – they tend to each have a unique charging port of their own:

As such, it’s a hassle to replace the charging port when it goes missing or gets damaged as they are available from the official Fitbit store.

Otherwise, this device makes perfect sense for those who wants a fitness wearable with a heart rate tracker, but do not want to pay too much for it.

The new Fitbit Inspire HR is available in retail stores in Singapore and also online at Lazada.

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