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Toy Around – Singapore’s first-ever free-to-download toy marketplace app

Toy Around officially launched its app on the App store for all Apple users. The app created for the Singapore market provides a platform for users to swap, sell or buy toys, all in just a few simple steps.

The app was created with the intention of reminding society of the importance of passing toys along rather than letting them get ignored after only a few months of play, which also causes a strain on the environment. Parents who experience too much clutter in their lives from their children’s playthings now have a chance to get rid of them without discarding them with Toy Around.

The Idea Behind Toy Around

Toy Around was created to solve the problem of the overconsumption. Purchasing too many toys can cause a strain to the environment, contribute to cluttered homes which bring about negative impacts on child development, and even impact a child’s ability to empathise. Toy Around aims to provide a one-stop solution for these issues.

Users of the app can find interested traders or buyers of toys easily, helping parents to find an outlet to declutter their homes and manage their child’s supply of toys.

Apart from giving toys a second, third, and fourth chance, the toy sharing concept provided through a common marketplace helps to minimise the impact on the environment by reducing the number of toys that end up in landfills each year.

App Functionality

Toy Around - Singapore’s first-ever free-to-download toy marketplace app - Alvinology

The user interface only allows ‘live’ photos to be taken without any existing photos from a user’s photo gallery to be used. This ensures that the quality of the toys uploaded is of satisfactory standards. Moreover, any sale of toys can only happen face-to-face unless otherwise agreed by the buyer and seller to ensure that the quality of the product is like how it was advertised as.

In addition, the app also improves user experience by gently reminding users to maintain toy hygiene through tips provided at login. In this way, it relies on the social responsibility of its users to guarantee that the toys are hygienic before being swapped or sold with another user.

Apple users can download the iOS version of Toy Around on the App store.  For more information about Toy Around, visit here.


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