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Travel To Europe And Russia In 2019: The Samurai Way

Europe is filled with amazing travel destinations and if you mix in Russia with it then it surely becomes a coveted trip. Russia is the world’s largest nation and with so many different European countries, it really becomes a bit overwhelming for any traveller when you are thinking of visiting both the destinations. Well, you just need some planning and preparation beforehand and you are good to go.

Read on to know the step by step process of visiting Europe and Russia in the simplest of ways.

Decide on the destinations 

It is evident that you will find hundreds of beautiful places that you would want to include in the list so it makes sense to first decide on the destinations. You can also take the help of tours to Europe to curate the best of itinerary depending upon your choices and preferences. Whether you would like to visit places of historical importance or have a fun-filled beach holiday or just have a tranquil time admiring the stunning nature or a combination of all these things, just remember to opt for destinations which are located relatively close to each other else you will spend half of your holidays in travelling from one place to another.

Apply for the visa and get your travel documents sorted 

This is the next and a very important step where you apply for the visa for countries which are in your travel wishlist. Also, check whether your passport is updated or it needs to be renewed before you get started with the visa process. One thing to keep in mind here is that it takes a longer time to get a visa for Russia and the process is also a little complicated, so make sure to plan well in advance.

Travel To Europe And Russia In 2019: The Samurai Way - Alvinology

Decide on the dates and book the flight tickets

Now that the documentation is over, the next step would be to take care of the flight tickets and for that, you need to decide on the travel dates. If you book well in advance, you can save a big amount on ticket prices. Another thing to keep in mind is that the tickets are priced high during the holiday season, so you may want to avoid the higher costs and also the soaring crowds. Weather is also something that you got to consider when you are finalising the dates. For example, if you are looking at exploring the famous museums of Paris in France then visiting in the peak summer months is definitely not advisable.

Food and accommodation

These two aspects are where a major chunk of your travel budget is going to be spent after the flight bookings. There are many ways you can save on accommodation and also enjoy your trip to the fullest. You can opt for hostels, B&B after doing a little research to narrow down on reliable ones. This not only saves money but will also allow you to meet lots of local people and build long-lasting connections with them. Always look for eateries where the locals frequent because it’s likely to be a reasonable option. Also, make it a point to visit the food markets where you can learn about the native traditions and culture and get to taste the unique cuisine associated with that place.

Travel To Europe And Russia In 2019: The Samurai Way - Alvinology

It is best to be ready in all aspects before you get started with your holidays. For a completely hassle-free vacation experience for travel in Russia – browse signature tours so that you have one of the most memorable holidays in 2019.

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