The first-ever St Patrick’s Festival by Guinness that happened on 16th March at 30 Maxwell Road was a great success and saw a whopping turnout of Pats and more than 1,500 mainly local guests, aged between 25 and 35 years old.

The event was a culmination of the “All Hail Pats” campaign that rallies all Pats and Patricks of Singapore, letting them take centre stage as they unlock amazing perks for the month of March for everyone.

The biggest gathering of Pats ever in Singapore joined St Patrick’s Festival as they drank copious amounts of Guinness (about 3,000 Guinness Draught pints were sold), ate delicious food, and danced away to catchy tunes provided by DJs and live performances.

Other exciting activities included creating your own haiku, karaoke, Vespa tours, photo booth, giant Jenga, and a Stoutie machine, where you get to have your selfie on printed on your stout which had a total of 250 Stouties printed.

The Guinness Masterclasses saw about 150 guests featuring some of Singapore’s culinary and bartending luminaries.

Guinness specialist, Ian Colgan, Chef Andrew Walsh of Cure, and Butcher Boy prepared a delectable variation of oysters, mackerel and pork, paired with pints of Guinness.

Mediacorp 987 DJ Sonia Chew and First Runner-Up of Diageo Reserve World Class 2017 Jayden Ong infected everyone with their contagious energy during their interactive sessions, where guests get to concoct their very own cocktail infused with Guinness.

Night Owl Cinematics’ Producer & Host of @foodkingnoc Aiken Chia and Ian Colgan were at the Pour Your Own Pint booth where about 250 participants got to learn and experience pouring a perfect Guinness pint in exactly 119.5 seconds.

If you’ve missed this year’s St. Patrick’s Festival, make sure to mark your calendar next year and miss out the fun no more. Till the next party!