Do you like prawn noodle?

This new hawker stall in the CBD serves up S$6 bowl of prawn noodle with healthier vegetable stock, home-made onsen egg and fresh seafood. It is opened by a former seafood restaurant chef who seeks to bring a more atas makan experience to the traditional prawn noodle hawker dish.

Their signature seafood prawn noodles are the chef’s fresh take on the traditional dish, putting a fresh spin on things by drawing inspirations from Japanese and Korean cuisines. Plated and served like Japanese ramen, the prawn noodle dishes are priced reasonably from just S$6 to S$8 a bowl.

The hawker stall is helmed by Chef Vincent Goh who was formerly the head chef at GoroGoro Steamboat & Korean Buffet and I’m Kim Korean BBQ. It’s not usual that a chef would transition to the hawker trade, but Chef Vincent shared that it has always been his dream to run his own business and was willing to take the risk (hence the name ‘Siao Siao‘).

Siao Siao Seafood Hey Mee is the result of his perseverance and hard work. The youthful chef was candid about his chequered past. A former teen delinquent and school dropout, Vincent found his calling working in the kitchen and worked his way up right from the bottom, washing dishes. He has come a long way since and is a family man, determined to make Hey Mee a success.

For a tasty bowl of prawn noodle, the broth is probably the most important element that can make or fail the dish. As such, Chef Vincent is very particular about the quality of the water used and installed industrial filters in the kitchen to ensure the water used to cook the broth is pure and clean.

The vegetable stock at Hey Mee is formulated by the chef after months of experimentation in the kitchen and an apprenticeship at a traditional prawn noodle hawker stall opened by his friend.

The broth for prawn noodle in Singapore is traditionally brewed using prawn heads and pork bones but this is high in cholesterol. To devise a healthier alternative, the chef took inspiration from Japanese seafood soup stock which is usually sweetened with vegetables like carrots and cabbages. The result is a healthier broth brewed from a vegetable stock that tastes just as good as the regular prawn stock.

With his experience as the head chef at a seafood restaurant, Chef Vincent procures his ingredients from trusted suppliers at good value which is then passed on to the customers with lower prices. The scallops are imported from Japan, lala from Korea. Other than featuring prawn, clams and scallops, the stall also has a ultra-luxurious edition that features Boston lobster, priced from S$19 a bowl, depending on the seasonal price for the lobster.

The onsen eggs used in the noodles are made from scratch and takes an average of 12 hours to prepare.

We tried the signature noodle and found the serving really generous and satisfying. The seafood is fresh and the broth is sweet and delicious. If Chef Vincent hadn’t told me that the broth was made from vegetable stock, I would not suspect any difference from the regular prawn noodle broth.

As the stall is new and tucked away in a small hawker centre at Philip Street, business is still slow at the moment. Do go visit them before it starts to get crowded.

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Siao Siao Hey Mee

15 Phillip Street
Marina Food House
Singapore 048684

Opening Hours
Mon to Fri:
09:00am – 06:00pm
Closed on Sat and Sun

Tel: +65 91853577