The 2017 Vacation Deprivation Study by Expedia revealed that 7 out of 10 Singaporeans come back from vacations more relaxed, and over half agree that vacations are important for their personal and general well-being!

If you’re thinking of heading out for a quick break, Expedia Group and Airline Reporting Corporation’s (ARC) 2019 Travel Pricing Outlook Report has uncovered five destinations that are growing in popularity with Singapore travellers, to help you nail your travel destination for your next trip out!

1. Seoul, South Korea

With all the hype surrounding K-dramas and K-pop, it’s no surprise that Seoul saw the highest spike in travel demand among Singaporeans in 2018. Ancient palaces and temples are situated alongside modern skyscrapers and mega shopping malls in an intriguing way, providing visitors with a unique blend of history and modern culture experiences. With spring being one of the best seasons to visit Seoul, jet-set to the city this March or April to take in the beautiful sights in the wonderfully cool spring weather.

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2. Colombo, Sri Lanka

As a city that is rich in history and culture, Colombo’s colonial buildings have not only stood the test of time, it also exists peacefully alongside the strikingly colourful Sri Lankan dagobas and green parks. To get the most out of your visit, immerse yourself in the rich heritage of the Sri Lankan city, before making your way to the resorts along the south coast, which offers one of the best beaches in Southeast Asia.

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3. Dhaka, Bangladesh

The busy, bustling city of Dhaka is not for the faint-hearted. With nearly 17 million people living here, Dhaka is one of the most populated cities and can sometimes overwhelm visitors. However, once you get used to the way of life in the bustling city, the friendly locals and wealth of historical monuments will exude a unique charm that can sweep you off your feet!

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4. Beijing, China

There’s nowhere else in the world quite like Beijing – a modern-day metropolis that is also a gateway into China’s imperial past and history dating back thousands of years. Take a day to climb the spectacular Great Wall of China or explore the Forbidden City before feasting at street stalls along Wangfujing!

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5. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

As one of the world’s busiest transport hubs, Dubai is an unlikely combination of luxurious hotels, theme parks and mega malls on the edge of the desert. Experience the true Arab opulence at Dubai Mall – touted as the world’s largest shopping mall, featuring a massive aquarium, an ice-skating rink, a flight simulator and a VR park!

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To help you reap the best savings on travel, the 2019 Travel Pricing Outlook Report revealed that timing is of the essence for booking travel. Here are five of the best-kept travel booking secrets to help you travel better, travel more:

  1. Book your flights at least three weeks ahead of travel, and on a Sunday
  2. Book hotels on a Friday night
  3. Time your departure flight for a Thursday or Friday
  4. Extend short, weekday-only trips to include a Saturday night stay
  5. Book your air tickets and accommodation as a package for up to 15% savings

For more travel tips, check out the Expedia Travel Blog. All images courtesy of Dongio Travels.