In a report by Liberty Times Net, the parents of the Singaporean man suspected to have thrown a baby into a Taiwan restaurant garbage pile have denied accusations. Media had reached out to the suspected Singaporean youth involved in the case, but the man had said that he did not know what was happening and denied involvement.

The names of the accused have not been released to the public, as DNA results and further investigations into the matter are still pending.

What did the parents of man say?

According to the Chinese report, the man involved was approached by media and was asked about the case. The report said that the man confirmed that they had traveled to Taiwan on the 19th as per Instagram photos of their tickets. The man’s parents had also confirmed that the former and his girlfriend went to Taiwan, but that they did not know that his girlfriend was pregnant.

The mother of the man involved in the case said that the girl would come to their house twice or thrice a week, but because the girl was plump, she could not tell if her son’s girlfriend was pregnant or just chubby.

The father of the man, on the other hand, said that his son does not have any information or knowledge on what happened. The father said he would speak to his son again to confirm any involvement, but that if what his son was accused of was indeed true, that his son should face the consequences.

The media were able to speak to the accused man briefly, but that he denied the accusations, saying that he did not even leave the hotel he and his girlfriend were staying at to throw anything at all.

Trial by social media

Ahead of DNA results, foreign media had released blurred photos of the couple as well as security footage of the man leaving the infant wrapped in a plastic bag with umbilical cord and placenta at the dump site. Netizens were able to find unconfirmed identities of the suspected parents. They quickly descended on the woman’s Facebook profile and had begun to leave comments. Take a look at some of them below:

Most of the comments were pretty straightforward and brutal.

Others wanted to ask her about her motivations without confirming if she was indeed the mother of the child.

While some commenters were very angry and had harsh words for her.

This commenter pointed out that she was bringing the reputation if ITE students down, along with her boyfriend.

While these two commenters were concentrating on her appearance.

Others called her a murderer and told her to use proper contraception methods.

And others still had harsher words for her.

Some wanted to point out how she could allegedly do such a thing after feeling the baby’s kicks and movements in her womb.

No official results yet on the identity of the couple (and if they are indeed Singaporean) have been released as of publication. Alvinology will update this story for further developments.