Express street and pop art and turn on positive vibes for the hottest seasons of the year: Swatch Spring-Summer 2019 collection arrives with three themed lines that all play a part in the never-ending style revolution.


Continuous movement is at the heart of Transformation, fusing a whole spectrum of colour with shapes and patterns. This vivid line embarks on a journey of discovery, with optical illusions as well as the simplicity of transparent design. The new polarized glass features a semi-transparent mirror coating and creates pastel tones when exposed to light.

Transformation is now available in-stores and online

Listen to Me

Listen to Me equals an action-packed trek through the urban jungle. Serving as a canvas for all kinds of talents and exuding strength and confidence, their self-expression is the impetus for making real change a reality.

Listen To Me is now available online, and will be available in-stores from 7 March 2019.

Energy Boost

Energy Boost whets appetites for adventure with electric colours and bold contrasts that boost positive vibes. Freshly squeezed juices and smoothies are more than just a trend – they’re all about delicious results. This line bolsters vitality for your much-needed energy for the summer ahead.

Energy Boost will be available online and in-stores from April 2019.

The Swatch Spring-Summer 2019 collection isn’t for the faint of heart. The spring-summer sun is upon, and what best to complement the colourful seasons than wearing a playful watch.