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Take Your Room’s Relaxation Vibe to the Next Level

Among all the rooms the bedroom is your ultimate retreat. It is the place to unwind at the end of a tiring day. So, you have to make it calm and comfortable for a good night’s sleep. This blog tells you about the ways to do that. Scroll down for the details.

Have a free doorway

The bedroom is pivotal in making the bedroom more relaxing and comfortable. As per the ancient ‘vastu’ principles, it ushers great opportunities.

If you are constructing a new house, install them in a place where they can open fully. Remove everything that obstructs the door in existing construction. This will allow the positive vibes to flow and make the room more relaxing.

Make it free from clutter

Too many things in the bedroom make it cluttered. Remove the hips of books, magazines, newspaper, kid’s toys etc from the bedroom. There should be nothing on the bed except the pillows, bed sheet, and blanket.

Other than the wardrobe and the chest of drawers, there should be nothing in the bedroom. Build floating storage, if required. This will remove the chaos from the bedroom and make it more comforting.

Banish the electronic devices

Maybe you have to do some office work at home sometimes. Do it anywhere other than the bedroom. If there is a television in the bedroom, remove it immediately. You should not also carry the Smartphone to the bedroom and play games before sleeping. All of these emit electromagnetic radiation and disturb the sleep pattern. In case you are compelled to have those in the bedroom, be sure to switch them off at least an hour before going to sleep. This will make your bedroom a relaxing abode.

Get a comfortable bed

A comfortable bed goes a long way to make the bedroom relaxing. So, you must invest in a good mattress. Choose the bed sheets and pillow covers that give a soft touch to the skin. Also get warm and cozy blankets and comforters. Upholster the headboard with foam. This will deliver a soft and plush feeling and you will enjoy leaning against it.

Position the bed rightly

According to Feng Sui, never place the bed directly in line with the door. Keep free space to approach the bed from both sides. Also, have a side table on each side.

Positive energy continuously flows from north to south. Our body contains iron making it magnetic. So, never sleep with your head pointing the north. It should be in the south. This will prevent repelling of the like polarities and let you sleep peacefully.

Calm with colour

Creating a calming place is the most essential requirement for a relaxing bedroom. If you have a loud bedroom wall, it will not help to de-stress. So, you should tone your bedroom down for maximum Zen effect.

Soft and neutral shades are very good for this. You may use anything you love. Bluish green, bluish gray, beige, sage green, off white, and sea blue are good for this.

Add a pleasing art piece

Include some art pieces in the bedroom. They carry powerful energy and make the place filled with positive vibes. This should be placed in the most visible point in the bedroom. Include something that depicts happiness, love, and intimacy. It could be anything from family photos to paintings or sculptures.

Soften with lighting

Lighting is the most powerful source of energy. For this reason, appropriate lighting is essential for a relaxing ambiance. Discard overhead lighting and go for diffused lighting with a dimmer. Additionally, you can have small lamps in different places for highlighting.

Candles form very good lighting in the bedroom. They create a warm and healing environment. Get toxin-free candles to make the bedroom a safe place.

Foster wellness with greeneries

When you include greeneries in the bedroom, they make it relaxing and foster wellness. But, there is a dark side of using live plants. They have serious maintenance demands. This is why decorating with silk plants is becoming more and more popular.

The faux silk plants are available in many varieties. You may choose anything from hedges, mats, rolls, topiaries, green walls etc for bedroom decoration. They also offer almost limitless customization to fit any space and décor need.

Fake greeneries are manufactured from prime quality raw materials. Passing through many process developments, they have come a long way from their earlier shabby look. Replicating their live counterparts, these are the most realistic artificial plants. As such, they do not compromise on aesthetic considerations.

Placing an artificial topiary in a corner makes the bedroom live and tranquil. You can pick them based on shapes and foliage varieties. These fake botanical items do not attract mosquitoes or other insects. They also do not grow mold or cause allergy. They are ideal when looking for a safe and hygienic bedroom.

Relocate the mirror

Mirrors create an illusion of space and make a room brighter by bouncing light. At the same time, it also bounces energies. A mirror placed opposite to your feet holds the stress you release while sleeping. The same bounces back as you wake up and cause restlessness. Relocate the mirror on the side wall. It will make your bedroom relaxed and refreshed.

Treat the senses

Soothing the sense helps to relieve stress. Infuse your bedroom with sensory delights to make it relaxing. You may use essential oil diffusers and white noise producers. These will make your bedroom the dream haven after a hectic day.

Improve air quality

Consider the quality of air in the bedroom. You can never make it relaxing with a stale and polluted air. Keep the windows open as far as practicable. Also, install an air purifier to keep the air fresh and full of oxygen.


We spend a large chunk of our lives in the bedroom. Unfortunately, people make it a backbencher for decorating. If you happen to be one of them, it is high time to act. Try these. They will let you a relaxing bedroom to get charged for the next day.

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