Partnering with Tommillusions, family-style European bistro, Picotin Express, is offering live magic performances at their restaurant at 382 Joo Chiat Road over the upcoming weekends leading into Christmas.

To welcome the holiday season, Picotin Express introduced a line-up of family-friendly activities, including movie screenings for children, free games, popcorns and candy at its outlet in Joo Chiat, Picotin Express East Coast. There will also be celebrations at its Bukit Timah outlet on 9, 16 and 23 December.

At Picotin Express East Coast, live magic performances by Tommillusions is the key highlight. My son Asher and I headed over for dinner on 1 Dec to catch some magic, together with pizza for dinner. To Asher, these were enough to send him on Cloud 9, as he gets to enjoy two of his favourite things – magic and pizza (most 7 years old would list these two items as among their favourite things too).

The evening started with Tommillusions going from table to table to perform close-up, roving magic tricks, ranging from a series of card tricks to other tricks requiring audience participation and the use of simple daily objects like a ring or a pen.

Asher was thoroughly mesmerised by the magic tricks and ended up following the magician as he moved from table to table so he could catch every single trick performed.

What was impressive to us was that the magician was also able to make use of objects outside of his own props to perform magic tricks. Asher brought his own set of Sushi Go game cards and was very impressed by Tommillusions when he was able to make use of the cards we brought to do a few card tricks.

Tommillusions performing a magic trick with our deck of cards

Tommillusions performing a magic trick with our deck of cards

Later in the evening, Tommillusions embarked on a series of non-stop magic tricks for 30 minutes on an impromptus stage setup. This was enjoyed by all the diners at the restaurants and involve several rounds of audience participations as well. Here, the magician performed a few of his more difficult tricks, including swallowing of balloons.

If you are looking for somewhere to bring your family and kids to be entertained while enjoying a hearty meal, check out Picotin Express and their live magic shows over the weekends. The shows come at no extra costs and are a value-add to diners. This will be happening in the following weekends leading up to Christmas.

About Picotin Express

Conceptualised as a family-style European bistro, Picotin Express serves European dishes and drinks, perfect for family and friends for all occasions. The name ‘Picotin’ was adopted from the French word for a ration of horse feeds – a name that reflects its roots as one of the first food and beverage establishments at the old Singapore Turf Club. The restaurant has branches in both East Coast and Bukit Timah.

About Tommillusions

Tommillusions is an award-winning magician who has done a lot of works for corporate clients in Singapore. He was also the magic consultant for numerous Mediacorp artistes such as Bryan Wong, Ian Fang, Romeo Tan, Rui En, Jeremy Chan, Brandon Wong and Li Nanxing.