Scoot has announced that it is scooting over from Terminal two to Terminal one in the last quarter of 2019. This change will aid Scoot in its growth plans and enhance customer experience.

After conducting the post-flight customer feedback survey, Scoot made the decision to enhance the check-in and boarding process for its customers.

The airline is expecting double-digit annual growth in the next three years.

Supportive of the future growth of airlines, Changi Airport has been increasing the passenger handling capacity of Terminal one. The completion of this project is anticipated to be completed next year.

Changi Airport has plans for the seamless integration of the Arrival level and Level 1 of Jewel Changi Airport. At the same time, the airport is expanding the Baggage Claim Hall and the newly refurbished Meeters & Greeters Hall on the Arrival level. The Baggage Claim Hall is being optimised to make way for additional baggage claim belts in order to cater to more arriving flights.    

Recently, the Departure Hall in Terminal one has been revamped. Featuring a central Fast and Seamless Travel (FAST) Zone, passengers can fully utilise the self-service, automated machines there for the checking in and dropping off their bags.

With these new improvements and expansions, Terminal one is well-prepared to take on the increased scale of operations that Scoot’s expected growth is bound to bring.

The check-in experience for Scoot customers will be much smoother, and they will get to enjoy the refreshing new look and spaciousness of Terminal one.

Scoot CEO Mr Lee Lik Hsin welcomes this new change, stating this: “We are working hard to achieve a seamless transition for our customers, employees and service partners, and we look forward to welcoming everyone to our new home in T1 next year.”

Stay tuned for more deets on Scoot’s move to Terminal one!