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This Might Be the Ultimate Dream Job

Attention all travellers: if you eat, sleep and breathe adventure, you would not want to miss this job opportunity offered by Luxury Escapes.

We’re not sure if you can deal with being the Chief Luxury Officer for Luxury Escapes, but you’ll get to dine on delectable meals while experiencing the amazing view. Gazing at the sunset with evening cocktails and canapés? We hope this job isn’t asking too much of you. Also, did we mention that the job requires you to knock yourself out by the pool or a beach?

However, to reward you for chilling so hard by the pool and/or beach, you’ll get to enjoy spa treatments and recuperate with quality, beauty sleep in prepossessing hotels and resorts in exotic locations! Especially all that hyperventilating over three holidays by Luxury Escapes, we’re sure you deserve a good spa sesh. While you’re still hyperventilating, don’t forget to sign up for this awesome job offer here.

The candidate must review three Luxury Escapes experiences and provide honest feedback on the hotel or resort’s facilities. The coverage of the overall experience would also comprises a host of added extras such as three-course meals, evening cocktails, canapes, spa treatments, VIP transfers, and more.

Hmm, what’s the catch then, you may ask. Well, you have to be:

  • 21 years old and above;
  • A resident of Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia or Thailand;
  • You can’t just LOVE travel, you have to have rich travel experiences under your belt.

You can, of course, get on board with your partner, your immediate family or go solo. You must have a keen eye for five-star luxury. Run a mini test and see if you can distinguish a martini and mojito. If you can, congrats, you’re a mini step closer to clinching the first-ever Chief Luxury Officer title!

If you want to score your way to three Luxury Escapes holidays for the year of 2019, you’ll gain some extra points if you’re a social media king or queen who is all about that Insta-life. Love capturing unforgettable moments on camera and video? You’re in for Round 1. Luxury Escapes would love them a Chief Luxury Officer that can evoke joy from his or her viewers through their travels videos/vlogs.

Whenever you’re ready, we wish you all the best for the ultimate dream job.

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