Singapore Tea Festival is Back for its Second Edition - Alvinology

Singapore Tea Festival is Back for its Second Edition

Tea lovers, rejoice! Singapore Tea Festival (STF) 2018 makes a comeback this September following an overwhelming success last year. With 30 tea and tea-related brands, as well as interactive and educational tea workshops taking place under one roof, make your way to Basement 4, ION Orchard from 21st to 23rd Sept 2018 and join the par-tea as STF celebrates all things tea over three exciting days.

The second instalment of STF will feature over a hundred different types and blends of tea, and aims to inspire more people to discover and experience tea through dialogue and tastings. STF also offers a platform for tea lovers to meet tea makers and purveyors, strengthening the community.

The festival will also host a selection of workshops, where attendees can learn from the best in the industry – from traditional tea appreciation to modern kombucha making. Seeing a threefold increase in exhibitors from 2017, the festival will spark greater awareness and interest in tea, and satisfy all curious palates – from the tea-inquisitive to the tea-connoisseur.

Visitors can redeem a complimentary Yixing Purple Clay glazed porcelain cup by registering at teapasar’sbooth, allowing them to sample teas from all our merchants. A $5 discount will also be given to first time users of teapasar who spend a minimum of $50 on the platform.

Singapore Tea Festival is Back for its Second Edition - Alvinology

World’s First Global Omni-channel Marketplace for Tea to Launch at STF

This year’s STF is proudly organised by teapasar (, the world’s first global omni-channel marketplace powered by machine learning taste prediction technology. It features an extensive range of local and international tea brands, as well as exclusive and rare tea direct from farms that consumers can purchase.

teapasar comprises three pillars namely the tea marketplace, ProfilePrint and Taste Map.ProfilePrint is a taste profile mapping and metabolomic fingerprinting technology that powersteapasar by creating a unique fingerprint through the scanning of tea leaves. This allows teapasarto accurately match consumers’ unique taste preferences to the profile of every tea on theteapasar database. While many feel the need to taste tea before a purchase is made, consumers can now discover their preferred tea and explore similar options with teapasar’s taste profile algorithm.


21-23 SEPT 2018
B4 ION Station, ION Orchard

3pm to 10pm (Friday) 10am to 10pm (Sat & Sun)Admission is free

At the festival, consumers can first create their personalised taste profiles and browse the offerings online, then sample the teas at the merchant booths, and finally make purchases online In pursuit of the drive towards a more convenient, cashless Singapore, teapasarhas partnered with NETS to introduce QR code payment options for this year’s festival. This will allow consumers to scan the NETS QR code on the webpage, while those on mobile can make payment directly through their NETS ATM card on NETSPay.

teapasar will debut at STF 2018 and hopes to bring a seamless O2O2O (online-offline-online) experience to all visitors as an omni-channel marketplace.

Singapore Tea Festival is Back for its Second Edition - Alvinology

A Blend for All Personali-teas – More Tea for One and All

STF 2018 is bigger and better with four themes featuring 30 tea and tea-related merchants –MODERN BLENDS by our very own local tea makers, CLASSIC BLENDS showcasing single-origin and unblended teas, LIFESTYLE brands and flavours from BEYOND OUR SHORES. Three days chock-full of educational workshops tie the entire experience together*

Enjoy a brewtiful cup of tea from brands featured at the MODERN BLENDS section, with interesting blends inspired by local flavours such as Durian Tea (SUCRE), natural blends such as dry-aged Chenpi Pu’er (Infusion-de-vie), to Botanically Cold Brewed Sparkling Teas (Gryphon Tea). “Gryphon Tea is excited to be a part of STF, and it is heartening to see the community band together to create something exciting for our consumers. I am confident that STF as a platform, coupled with teapasar’s innovative taste matching technology, will strengthen the community further and shine the spotlight on the tea industry in Singapore,” says Mr Lim Tian Wee, Executive Director and Founder of Gryphon Tea.

CLASSIC BLENDS will feature quality single-origin teas sourced from various parts of the world, such as Golden Flowers Brick Tea (Parchmen & Co.), a dark tea that is first harvested in Hubei then fermented in Shaanxi and compressed into a brick; Rock Tea (Camellia Tea Bar) from Wuyi terroir in China; and an Imperial Golden Cassia (Tea Chapter) that was served to Queen Elizabeth II in 1989, amongst others.

STF will also house flavours from BEYOND OUR SHORES like organic teas from a plantation in Bali, rich in volcanic minerals (Brew Me); and green teas such as Mizudashi Sencha, teas “brewed” with room temperature water (Ito En), available exclusively at STF. Last but not least, there will also be LIFESTYLE-related merchandise, from freshly bottled Kombucha (Fizzicle); to quirky tea illustrations (Troops on Print); and handcrafted ceramics (Euphoramics, &natural). It’s slated to be the perfect STF experience this September!

Find out more at their official website.

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