Adorable Pompompurin is setting up a summer camp adventure over at Junction 8.
Take advantage of the fun and exclusive Pompompurin events lined up for your whole family, happening from now till 30 September. This is the first mall-wide offering of Pompompurin to his fans, so make sure to be there for some serious bonding session with him!

Here are some of the things he’s excited about doing (and we hope you’ll be, too!)

Pompompurin wanna say hello

Say hello and take lots of photos with your favourite life-sized Pompompurin statues and cut-outs. Or better yet, get up close and personal with Pompompurin through meet-and-greet sessions spread over the week. Don’t miss this chance. Make every moment and selfie count.

Pompompurin wanna have a campfire

On September 8, the Junction 8 roof garden will be transformed into a campfire site with thematic snacks, drink, and activities prepared for all Pompompurin lovers. Jumpstart your summer right. Be seen in this party with Pompompurin.

Pompompurin wanna dance and play

Every day is a fun day with Pompompurin-inspired activities and games. How about workout sessions to help you groove ala Pompompurin? Or say yes to a shoe-hunt challenge for some brain-and-motor exercise and make Pompompurin proud!

Pompompurin wanna go with you!

Pompompurin will be sad to see you go so he’s making sure you get to bring him home. With a minimum spend, you can bring home exclusively-designed Pompompurin premiums like bowls and bags, available only at Junction 8.

One premium will be released every three weeks until 30 September 2018.

*For detailed activity timings and terms and conditions, please visit