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The Power of the Spoken Word: Choosing a Name for Your Website

Take a moment to imagine your favourite websites. The chances are high that you will be able to name at least ten without hesitation. Now, consider the names of the sites themselves. The most memorable tend to be those which are directly rated to a product and that are easy to recall. Examples include YouTube, Coca-Cola, Apple and BBC. What do all of these major platforms share in common? Besides obvious factors such as ease of navigation and a user-friendly platform, their names are immediately recognisable and they correlate with what is in store. If you are hoping to leave a lasting impression with potential visitors, you will need to create a bespoke and catchy title for your domain. Let’s take a closer look.

Website Design: What’s in a Name?

We are all creatures of convenience and this very same trait can be translated into the digital community. The average consumer wants as quick and streamlined of a shopping experience as possible. This begins with the title of the site in question. There are several factors which need to first be addressed. The most prominent include:

  • Does the title of the website accurately reflect what is being offered?
  • Has it been taken by another individual or entity?
  • Is it a memorable name

In order to properly build a website, a targeted title will make all of the difference in the world. Ironically, this is also one of the most challenging aspects when establishing your presence within the online community. The key is to work smart as opposed to hard. How can you encounter a balance between these two variables? Are there any software packages that you can utilise? You might be surprised to learn the answer to this decidedly important question.

Quickly and Efficiently Generating a Name for Your Website

The first step is to literally sit down and write a list of potential domain names. This brainstorming session is essential if you hope to examine all of the possibilities. You may use random wheel spinners that generate letters at random to come up with creative ideas or simply think of words that relate to your brand or company.

Once you have created at least ten possible titles, the search process can begin. Employing the automated benefits associated with a domain name generator will provide you with several advantages. First, it is easy to determine whether or not the title in question is available. You can also widen your criteria to include broad search terms; allowing you to access results that had perhaps slipped your mind during the initial brainstorming period. Assuming that the name has not been taken, you can begin the registration process. In the majority of cases, your site will become live in a matter of minutes. This is a much more user-friendly approach when compared to performing such tasks manually.

Domain name generation critical in order to gain an immediately recognisable presence within the online community. Thanks to the variety of tools at your immediate disposal, this is now a virtually hassle-free process. Never forget that the title of a book speaks “volumes” about its contents!

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