Recently, I was given the chance to review the Oppo R15 over the course of 2 weeks and here is my personal verdict on the phone!

Basic Features

The Oppo R15 comes with a handset, earphones, adapter, micro USB cable, SIM card ejector tool and clear protect case.

The phone screen itself is Super Full-Screen and is 6.28 inches long. The fact that the phone comes with full screen multitasking adds on to the superiority of the wide screen, making it extremely user friendly!

The phone is rather light and decently thin, making it easy to carry around.


I mostly played around with the camera as I went about my daily routine.

The phone includes built in AR stickers that can be used either for selfies or even wefies! That’s right, you and your friends can now have fun taking cute photographs together with this function.

The Oppo R15 also comes with Portrait mode that has a natural bokeh effect and (much to my delight), 3D portrait lighting techniques! You can take your pick from different settings such as Film Light (above), Contour Light and Bi-Colour Light.

The 20MP AI Beauty Technology also provides millions of beautification schemes to ensure that you always look glamorous and at your best.

If you are seeking to take the perfect photo to beautify your Instagram feed, then you are sure to love this feature!

Those of you who are budding photographers will also enjoy the Expert mode where one can manually adjust settings such as ISO and Shutter speed. As someone who is not too knowledgeable about photography, I didn’t use this feature as much but it can be a great way to try taking professional shots without having to blow a few thousand dollars on an actual camera.

The above is a sample shot I took of the blue sky whilst at Sentosa and it is clear to see that the camera captures rich colors well and creates sharp images too.

This comes as no surprise as the Oppo R15 adopts Sony IMX519 sensor on the rear with 1.22µm single pixel size which brings a larger photosensitive area and more powerful camera performance.

Personally, I would love to bring this phone when I travel to capture beautiful scenery and outdoor shots!

What I Love

I definitely enjoy the fact that the R15 comes with VOOC Flash Charge. As someone who always forgets to charge her phone and ends up running out of battery before the day is over, I’m glad that a last-minute charge of the phone can equip it with so much more power!

With just 5 minutes of charging, you can even get around two hours worth of talk time! This is possible due to the battery capacity of 3450 mAh and the VOOC Flash Charge technology.

I am also someone who is out often and thus my phone is often subject to getting wet when I’m caught in the rain or to dust when I go to certain destinations. Thus, the fact that I can now use the water resistant R15 in light rain without fear of it getting damaged is great!

Last but not least, I think the design of the phone is extremely unique and classy! The R15 features double-sided glass which gives it a nice feel to the touch and when you look at the back of the phone with different angles, you can see the gradient colour (in this case, of the Cosmic Purple) which makes it look super organic!

In conclusion, I think that the Oppo R15 is a phone that is great if you are looking for a smartphone that is both elegant and useful, especially if you are one who requires a good phone camera!

Specifications and Details

Dimension – Approximate 155.1mm*75.2mm*7.4mm, 175g

Color – Rouge Red, Frost White, Nebula Purple

OS – ColorOS 5.0 (Android 8.1)

Equipped with NFC – For the ease of mobile transactions, the R15 Pro is now equipped with an NFC chip for hassle-free payment supporting Android devices.

Water resistant, (IP67)– The R15 Pro is water resistant and splash-proof in Singapore, allowing users to take calls even in light rain – perfectly designed for Singapore’s weather conditions.

3D glass surface – The R15 Pro features a 3D glass surface that takes the iconic slim metal curve design of the R series and transforms it to a glass body that fits perfectly in to your hand.

The Oppo R15 is available online and in stores with a retail price of S$749.