Resembling a giant remote-controlled helicopter hovering in the sky, the first unmanned predator drone was launched by the CIA for a military mission. This was sixteen years ago.

Today, drones are opening doors not just for soldiers and hobbyists, but for individuals seeking skills advancement. Drone flying is now offered as a training course by SkillsHQ Academy who provides both on and off-site solutions across various industries.

The Basic Drone Pilot course is designed to equip enthusiasts with drone flying skills for a wide range of leisurely pursuits, but what you probably didn’t know is that it could turn out to be an essential skill vital for future employment in a competitive world!

Here are five of the many things you’ll grasp from the course.

# 1 Razor Sharp Focus

Fine motor skills and familiarity of the area will keep your drone aloft. But without straight thinking and presence of mind, a mere sight of an approaching bird can cause panic. Focus makes us efficient and ready for the worst, whether we’re flying drones or tackling high-stakes nature of your employment.  

SkillsHQ’s hands-on Basic Drone Pilot course develops your focus and exposure to different environmental conditions.

# 2 Pro Precision

Drone flying comes with risks. A miscalculated turn can alter your original plan and may cause a series of mishaps. Precision will save the day. In the Basic Drone Pilot course, you will learn how to achieve accurate drone movements and enjoy a hands-on experience of flying two professional drones (DJI Phantom 4 Pro and DJI Mavic Pro).

Whatever theoretical knowledge that is synced into your head will be translated to actual drone flying, making you a Pro in no time.

# 3 The Art of Control

As a Drone Pilot, you have to deal with not just one but multiple controls for aerial maneuvering. Learn the basic of controls, know certain control combinations and try a variety of drone movements in this course. The goal for you is to drive the sticks more naturally through diligent practice.

With enough confidence and practice, you could even try your hand at drone photography to capture breathtaking aerial shots or clips. Next, keep a look out for the impressed looks on your future employers’ faces as they scan your creative portfolio!  

# 4 Visual Calculation Skills

A master drone pilot does not depend on guts alone. He studies the whole picture before taking off. He plans, he surveys the area, and he prepares for possible scenarios. He calculates every drone movement in relation to its surrounding elements: weather condition, birds, wind speed, and more. You will learn about this and how to set-up your drone for certain conditions in the Basic Pilot course.

# 5 Muscle Memory Magic  

Flight skills do not develop overnight. It takes time before you truly settle in to drone flying. With this in mind, SkillsHQ has designed a course that will enable you to fly a drone using muscle memory. At the end of the course, you’ll be flying a drone with the right skills. Can an employer really say no to a new talent who already understands the dynamics of the job!?

The Basic Drone Pilot course is SkillsHQ’s flagship course. As drones are fast gaining popularity among dynamic groups of individuals, SkillsHQ is here to show you all the different kinds of fun and true capabilities you can achieve with drone flying, along with how they can be used in various industries. This is a SkillsFuture Credit-Eligible course; SkillsFuture is a nation-wide initiative by the Singapore government to upgrade professional skill sets of Singaporeans, who are entitled to credits to sign up for over 18,000 courses.

We don’t want to be droning on about how you shouldn’t waste the opportunity to pick up new skills with your SkillsFuture Credit, so click on the above banner to learn the details and sign up!