Spotify celebrates 5 successful years in Singapore - Alvinology

Spotify celebrates 5 successful years in Singapore

It’s been 5 years since Spotify was introduced in Singapore!

Today, Singaporeans are not only streaming the latest hits, but also exploring other genres such as K- Pop, Mandopop, EDM and Jazz. Since the launch of Spotify, Singapore users have streamed more than 1.7 billion hours of K-Pop tracks and over 310 million hours of Mandopop.

Spotify is very much part of the local culture; from Hazed & Confused for the hazy season to We are Singapore a playlist dedicated to Singapore, there is a playlist for the every moment and for every user.

Here are some of fun facts of Spotify in Singapore over the past five years:

Spotify celebrates 5 successful years in Singapore - Alvinology

Spotify Talks

Spotify celebrates 5 successful years in Singapore - Alvinology

As part of the recent celebrations, Spotify organised Spotify Talks, a thought leadership session which explored the current state of the music streaming industry. The session featured two panel discussions; one focusing on Spotify’s progress in Singapore and the other dedicated to artists – Evanturetime, Charlie Lim and Jasmine Sokko – who shared their thoughts on the music streaming industry.

Here are some of key points from the two panel discussions: Spotify: A Partner in the Music Industry

Today, music fans are dictating the way the music industry is moving forward. Given this, Spotify works closely with artists to promote their music and help them break boundaries.

– In Singapore, Evanturetime, Ffion, Jasmine Sokko and Sam Rui were part of the Early Noise 2017 playlist which helps elevate artists who are ready to break boundaries and be successful within the music industry.

– Discover Weekly is one of Spotify’s key features, fostering music discovery. It helps connect artists to new listeners regardless of where they are.

– The Spotify for Artists dashboard is designed to guide artists to maximise their Spotify experience; providing a better understanding of their Spotify listeners to effectively grow and engage with their fan base.

– The Asian genre sensation K-Pop has seen its global popularity rocket since the launch of Spotify’s Korean pop genre hub two years ago. Since the hub’s launch in 2015, more than 6.6 billion K-Pop tracks have been streamed globally on the music service, with users spending over 14.5 billion minutes listening to their favourite Korean tracks.

Moving With the Times: Evolving the Spotify Experience

Spotify celebrates 5 successful years in Singapore - Alvinology

Spotify’s free experience is the main entry point for many users; more than 60% of Spotify Premium users started out on the free tier.

Spotify recently unveiled a new, improved, and more personalized way for users to discover and listen to music on Spotify for free on iOS and Android. With a new design on mobile, the revamped Free on Spotify includes a number of new features to make the listening experience more tailored to what users need to hear, now.

In addition, through Spotify’s new share to Instagram Stories feature, users can now easily post whatever they’re listening to on Spotify to their Instagram Story or to friends via Instagram Direct. This will allow fans and artists to easily share Spotify albums, tracks, artists, and playlists directly to Instagram Stories, complete with deeplinks that will drive followers back into the Spotify app to listen to music.


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