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How To Prepare Party Meals In a Jiffy

You love having guests over, but the preparation? Not so. This is but a common and very understandable dilemma that we aim to resolve! With these quick and easy party meals recipes, you can invite a whole crew of friends over and toss your reservations about the kitchen hassles into the bin. Better yet, these recipes are all made with natural ingredients, from scratch, and they can all be prepared in very little time.

Or at least, not long enough for guests to whine about when dinner is served.

Blend Xtract Sport

Some hosts love taking a cue from chichi functions to serve guests canapes, but don’t forget that home parties offer a lot of flexibility to improvise – especially if time is of the essence! Kenwood’s Blend Xtract Sport comes in very handy to turn your kitchen into a smoothie bar and have your guests mingling with a glass in hand, all in a matter of minutes.

It is incredibly easy, to the extent that having one smoothie recipe doesn’t do it justice. Do it like us and offer a trio on your personal beverage menu; simply gather up your fruits and berries, toss them into the sport bottle, twist it back into the base and get a-blending with two different speeds and pulse settings.

Tri-Blade Hand Blender

It is imperative that a party buffet spread serves a main course of carbohydrates, and the easiest meal to prepare is pesto spaghetti! One of the best things about pesto sauce is that you can prepare it in advance (it can be kept for up to 5 days in the fridge) and with just a little heating up, it is ready to serve on party day.

Unlike canned sauces, making your own sauce means there are no preservatives and you can adjust the flavour to your liking. And with the Tri-Blade Hand Blender, all you have to do is toss in cashews, spinach, tomatoes, garlic, chilli and drizzle some olive oil and you are good to go! The blender will blitz everything up to smithereens and you’ll have your very own pesto paste. Throw in your spaghetti, stir everything together and you are good to serve. Easy-peasy!

Kflex Food Preparation System

The Kflex Food Preparation System is a dream for kitchen dwellers. This three-in-one versatile station comes with a weighing scale and timer on the base, as well as three attachments: a blender, a mixing bowl and a food processor. The system is smart enough to recognise the attachment to give you the perfect setting. To finish your party with a sweet touch, we recommend baking some butter cookies! Measure and mix everything using the mixing bowl on the Kflex and it will do the work for you. When the dough is ready, just roll it out and cookie-cut out your favourite shapes. Pop them into the oven and you’ll have some scrumptious treats and a delicious smelling home to boot.  


While we’re still giving the Kflex the spotlight, it can do a lot more than just whip up a mean cookie dough. It brings new meaning to the term ‘chop chop’, as it is versatile kitchen tool that can chop, toss and dice up ingredients faster than you can say ‘vegetable!’

It comes integrated with a scale to measure ingredients straight into the shatter-proof Tritan bowl, and the new ‘scything’ design of the slicing discs can achieve precise cutting if you need your greens to look pretty. The way we see it, the Kflex is can come across useful in another way: getting screaming kids from the party to make their own salads and fruit juices.

Chef XL Sense Kitchen Machine

How To Prepare Party Meals In a Jiffy - Alvinology

The Kenwood Chef XL Sense is your all-in-one station that takes the stress and mess out of kitchen work. No matter how diverse the taste buds, no homemade international spread is too difficult. Armed with a large, splash-guarded 6.7-litre mixing bowl and 20 different attachments for customisation, the XL Sense is capable of cutting pasta, knead pizza dough, whisk eggs for pastries, crush cookies and press fruit juices. The full suite of kitchen magic goes on, and you can find the comprehensive list of attachments here.

To ensure you still get the ultimate control over how you want your creations to turn out, the speed of the 1,400W motor is adjustable as you go along your preparation, which really doesn’t expand all that much energy and time compared to the traditional means.  


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How To Prepare Party Meals In a Jiffy - Alvinology

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  1. I have literally spent a whole month planning a party menu for my kids. But after that experience, I reckon the kids prefer meals that taste good more than whether or not it looks good. It’s the adults that judge based on aesthetics!

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