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Enjoy World Class Food from Chef-In-Box Vending Machines!

Enjoy World Class Food from Chef-In-Box Vending Machines!

Have you ever wanted to enjoy gourmet food but found it too costly? Well, now you can enjoy delicacies by world-famous chefs at less than 10 dollars per meal!

Chef-In-Box creates quality meals in boxes for all to enjoy and these meals are prepared in vending and dispensing machines (the first of its kind in Singapore!). The vending machines make use of advanced cook-chill and cook-freeze techniques to preserve the food and upon order, you will get to enjoy a piping hot and delicious meal within minutes!

Be assured that these ready meals contain no added preservatives, additives or artificial flavourings – this means that enjoying a meal from Chef-In-Box is much healthier as compared to fast food or cup noodles! What’s more, these health considerations don’t affect how delicious the food is.

Food on Sale

There is a huge range of food for sale in these machines, from Asian food to Western food. You can be assured that there will be something that catches your eye when scrolling through the menu.

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I got the chance to try some of the dishes on sale recently and I have to say, I was not disappointed at all! Being a cheese lover, I naturally opted to try their Mac & Cheese. Normally, I refrain from getting instant Mac & Cheese as I find that the cheese tends to be hard or unevenly melted when heated up. However, Chef-In-Box’s SMART technology managed to enable the cheese to be evenly coated and melted over the macaroni, ensuring that I get an even mix of cheesy goodness and pasta from start to end. For $4.80, this is definitely a dish that I would recommend!

Most recently at the start of May 2018, Chef-In-Box has launched brand-new dishes to its World Chef Series range. The addition of 5 dishes (Indian, Korean and Thai) add flavour (literally!) to the already extensive menu. This includes:

  • Home-style Chicken Curry with Pea Pulao: a traditional Indian dish prepared by award-winning Chef Arora (who is known as the “godfather of Indian Cuisine”!). This recipe originated from Chef Arora’s mother and it involves a carefully curated mix of spices which goes extremely well with the tender chicken cubes.
  • Beef & Mushroom Japchae and Kimchi Chicken Fried Rice by specialist in Korean Cuisine, Chef Jake Kim! The Japchae consists of sweet potato noodles with tender beef and 2 types of mushroom (shiitake and oyster mushroom) while the Fried Rice is a homespun rendition and offers an interplay of spicy and savoury.
  • Thai Cuisine by Chef Jeeraphon Ritthep who has cooked for Thai royalty! These include Prawn Paste Fried Rice with Chicken (which boasts of an explosion of traditional Thai flavours) and Massaman Chicken Curry with Thai Rice, a staple in Southern Thailand
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These dishes are currently being sold at a discounted price of $6.80 (UP: $8.80) in May, while stocks last!

New Machines

I find it extremely convenient to be able to get drinks and snacks to complete my meal all in one place and in less than ten minutes. It is definitely an interesting concept and even makes purchasing food fun! What’s more, the huge range of food options available will ensure that you do not leave disappointed as you are sure to find something that appeals to you at affordable prices (yes, even the fussiest eaters!).


Chef-In-Box has outlets at Anchorvale, Ang Mo Kio, Lakeside, Pasir Ris, Rivervale, Jcube, Genting Hotel Jurong, White Sands and Suntec Convention Centre.


Visit their official website, Facebook or Instagram page to find out more!

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