Completing renovations in 2016… 2017… 2018…

The Outdoor Theme Park constructions have been continuously delayed and you must be tired of the wait. Fret not, for what I am about to tell you are fun things to keep you entertained in Genting – with or without the ongoing WIPs!

1) Indoor Arcade

We’ll first explore the indoor arcades which are located near Genting Grand Hotel and Sky Avenue Mall. Think Uncle Ringo stalls at the Marina Bay Carnival but fully air-conditioned! The indoor arcade is packed with rows of machines, cute soft toys and even has an all-new VR machine for you to immerse yourself in.

2) Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Odditorium

Is it Ordinary or Odd-inary? Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Odditorium showcases many interesting and interactive exhibits  – fantastic for comedic Instagram Stories. Have a good laugh and relish an out-of-the-norm museum experience.

3) Jurassic Research Centre

Dino Lovers rejoice! The Jurassic Research Centre rampages into Resorts World Genting, allowing you to journey through the Jurassic Times with life-sized dinosaurs. Bring your kids along for an educational and entertaining journey.

4) Zombie Outbreak

The Apocalypse is here! Bring your ghoulfriends for a scare at the Zombie Outbreak, a  haunted house that gets your adrenaline overflowing. With masterful make-up and realistic decorations, you are sure to have a spooktacular time!

5) Snow World

If the weather in Genting isn’t cold enough, head down to Snow World at First World Plaza! Go for a spin, literally, at the snow slide where you slide down on a float while spinning in circles.

All together now: You spin me round right baby right round!

6) Genting Bowl

Strike away your troubles at Genting Bowl! A bout of friendly competition between friends always spices things up during a getaway.

7) Awana Skyway

If you fancy being on top of the world, tour  the vast beautiful landscape of Genting Highlands with the Cabins of the Awana Skyway. Rest assured that it’s safe. You just focus on enjoying the marvellous sights from above.

8) Alive Museum

Just like the trick eye museum, Alive Museum in Genting displays many Instagram worthy exhibits for you to capture. Whether it’s flying in an UFO with an alien or admiring the cherry blossoms, these exhibits sure do come alive!


9) Redtail by Zouk

End off your day at the newly opened Redtail bar by Zouk, with party games like Pong Connect and Jenga. While at it, drink to your heart’s content with the huge variety of drinks they serve, such as Sour Plum shots, Long Island Tea and many more. You name it, they definitely got it.

10) Foooooooooood!

Last but not least, unleash your inner foodie with scrumptious food choices in Resorts World Genting. From western breakfast to authentic Nasi Lemak, you and your tummy are bound to wail in exhilaration at the sheer amount of choices you have!

’10 New Gen-Things To Do, In Genting’ has been authored by Jensen Kuah.