[ChangiWiFi Promo Code Inside] Can you travel without WiFi? - Alvinology

[ChangiWiFi Promo Code Inside] Can you travel without WiFi?

I can’t.

And I am not ashamed to admit it.

Thanks to the convenience of the Changi Recommends WiFi router rental, it is one of most essential items on my travel checklist whenever I am booked for an overseas travel from out of Changi Airport.

This year alone, I have traveled to the following countries in the past 4 months: Malaysia, Thailand, United States, France, Germany and Cambodia. With the exception of Cambodia, my travel was powered by Changi Recommends WiFi router in all the other countries.

I did a YES/NO poll on my Instastory during my trip to Thailand, asking my friends and followers whether they can travel without WiFi. The result came back at 74% choosing NO.

I can totally understand why. Here are some of the top reasons for me:

1.  No more scam rides

From my years of travel, the most prevalent tourist trap is when booking a car or taxi ride. You can’t blame the drivers for wanting to rip off tourists. It is likely a one-off customer and they might as well fleece as much as they can from you.

With WiFi, using a fixed price transport app like Uber or Grab for all your transport needs will save you a lot of bargaining and scamming from dishonest drivers.

2. GPS and online maps

With WiFi comes GPS and with GPS comes online navigation maps like Google Maps. Never get lost again, whether if you are driving, taking public transport or just walking to a destination, having GPS and a navigation map in place will get you just about anywhere.

3. All the best travel recommendations in your pocket

Inside your smartphone that is.

With WiFi, you can easily fire up your mobile browser to search for the best places to visit, check on the opening hours for attractions and the recommended prices of things to buy, among many other uses.

“Ask Google” is just inside your pocket.

4. Stay connected with your family and friends

With WiFi, messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger will allow you to be constantly connected to your loved ones. I usually do video calls with my son Asher when I am traveling and he loves it when he gets a glimpse of interesting places I am at, live via the video call.

5. Work anytime, anywhere

Okay this one only make sense for workaholics like me who needs to juggle two jobs and is used to working on-the-go. I carry at least two smartphones and two laptops when I travel because I have one set each for my respective job to keep things separate. Being about to stay connected via a WiFi router means I can work anywhere and anytime.

[ChangiWiFi Promo Code Inside] Can you travel without WiFi? - Alvinology

Time is the most precious commodity to me and I hate to waste time when waiting at airports for flights or when waiting at hotel lobbies or when commuting. With WiFi, I can use those down time to reply a few emails and get some work done.

6. Social share 24-7

For the social media generation, social sharing on social media apps like Instagram and Facebook are an important component of travel. With WiFi connection, you can be sharing all the Instastories that you want and even do live video streaming so your friends and fans can know what cool stuff you are up to.

The Changi Recommends travel router allows you to share your WiFi access. It is usually stable up to 6 pax connected at any one time. As listed from point 1 to 6, WiFi access is very important for travels these days and you can easily become the most popular person in a travel group just by dangling free WiFi. You will find that everyone wants to be near to you so as to get the strongest WiFi signal from your router!

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[ChangiWiFi Promo Code Inside] Can you travel without WiFi? - Alvinology

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