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Caltex investigating man who paid $10 for a full tank because elderly gas attendant allegedly didn’t hear him correctly

In case you missed it, the hunger of the internet lynch mob has now been directed at a man who insisted he pay only the $10 for a full tank of fuel worth $135 at Caltex Tampines–since the pump attendant allegedly made a mistake.

In a Facebook post by concerned netizen Kelly Yeo, the story of the elderly pump attendant was laid before the internet. On the Caltex along Tampines on pump number 7, a man and his BMW were getting a refuel.

What happened?

According to the post, the man allegedly went to the counter to pay for only $10 of fuel even if the amount of fuel put into his car was worth $135. He said that he only asked for $10 of fuel.

The elderly fuel attendant who is allegedly around his 60s said that he had heard the customer say that they wanted a full tank of gas. The customer denied that that is what he asked and said he only wanted $10 worth of fuel.

When the mistake was revealed, the man insisted he only pay what he asked for. The fuel attendant allegedly said it was all right and that he would just cover the cost of his mistake, much to the astonishment of the person who first posted about the incident.

This isn’t right

What pushed the original post to be published is also the same feeling that netizens are riding on now, since they are very sure of the injustice made against this old fuel attendant.

According to the original Facebook post, it was a bad move to insist on only paying for $10 when the man would eventually use all the fuel transferred to his car anyway.

Caltex is currently investigating

Due to the viral nature of post with thousands upon thousands of shares spread out over several posts, Caltex has finally issued a statement on the matter here:

The full text of Caltex’s statement is as follows:

Good afternoon Singapore, we are heartened by the solidarity and care shown towards our team at Caltex Tampines. Thank you for the kindness and concern.

We want to assure the community that our Caltex attendant did not bear any financial obligation from the events that occurred on April 14.

Do be assured that our station manager, together with the management team are looking into this issue now and an investigation is ongoing. For any enquiries on this issue, do get in touch with us via PM and we’ll get back to you.

We do encourage everyone to refrain from any personal or group responses towards the driver or those involved as our team is already looking into resolving this.

Thank you for your support.

The elderly pump attendant was not asked to pay for the fuel, and the company is investigating the matter.


The hunt is on

Meanwhile, indignation and the thirst for justice has spread across Singaporean internet space, with people searching for the man who would do this to an elderly attendant. While a picture has been circulating online, there is no confirmation that this is the man involved in the incident.

What do you think of what happened? Let us know in the comments!

  1. 1st of all. WHY need to cover his face and car number when he himself is not worry about it.
    Secondly. Did he really speak clearly to an old man what he really wan to pump? And at what grade of petrol he ask to top up? With $10 how far can he go?
    Look at the amount of 1 litre petrol, the cheaper is $2.19. So $10 = 4.56 litre who is try to blur. $135 = 61.64 litre. That’s means he already empty tank man.
    In all, his just a man with big car without big brain. Hope karma will come after him very soon.

  2. Even if the mistake was made by the attendant, the least he could do is offer to pay 50/50 as a gentleman with a BMW, a prestige car. Shame on him that the old attendant is more gracious. In my opinion that is the uproar of the netizen when he insisted to pay a miserable $10 and let the uncle pay $125 (eventhough the uncle do not have to pay a single cent according to Caltex management).

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